Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Adam won free L.A. Dodgers tickets a little while ago from a raffle at work. I wouldn't say we are huge baseball fans, and I don't really like to watch baseball on TV. But I think going to live baseball games is fun because of the down home, laid back atmosphere at baseball games. So we were excited. Friday was the game and we invited a great friend of ours Luther, who brought his ADORABLE four year old nephew, Braylon.

I got to sit in the backseat with Braylon as we drove to the stadium, and he was so amazing at the games on my iPhone. Much better than me. How is that possible? He's four! His favorite was definitely the game Flight Control. And every time he would crash a plane he would just laugh and laugh. After we got home from the game that evening, I told Adam I was not interested in having a baby right now, but I definitely would love to have a four year old.

When we got to the game, we were shocked by what good seats we had! I mean we were field level right behind home plate! If you are going to go to a game, that is definitely the way to go-Executive style. To complete the Dodgers experience, we grabbed some Dodger Dogs for dinner. Well, actually we had the Super Dodger Dogs. Because at the concession stand, The Super Dodger Dogs were labeled as 100% beef and the regular Dodgers Dogs weren't. So I didn't know what I would be eating if I had a regular Dodger Dog. Which is slightly terrifying, even though when you eat any hot dog you are basically putting your life on the line anyway.. . But the Super Dodger Dogs tasted delicious.

The Dodgers were playing the Colorado Rockies. And the Rockies got a home run really early in the game and held on to the lead until the 7th inning stretch. And then all of a sudden the Dodger's just kept getting home run after home run. It was super exciting and I was glad that we attended a game where they won.
We had a great time at the game, and it made for a great Friday night, and a great kick off for the weekend.

Song of the Day: Cheap Seats by Alabama 


  1. Hey, just found you on 20sb. I was attracted to your blog for it's transplant vibe. I'm somewhat of a transplant myself. American, living in Paris.

    Come check it out and see what you think.

    Your layout is great, btw. And it's awesome the dodgers won the game. I don't think the red socks won a single game I attended.
    Hope to see you more on the forums!

  2. I love going to baseball games too! But I also hate watching them on TV.


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