Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Green Under the Sea

Yes, that is my beautiful green ipod chilling in a ziplock bag full of rice. And it is not just in there because I thought putting my ipod in a bag of rice would be a cool photo opportunity (it totally is, by the way). Nope, it is there because my poor, beloved IPOD decided to go for a swim in the toilet the other day. Yeah, kind of gross I know.

You see, on Wednesday mornings I get up extra early because I have to be at work at the butt crack of dawn. When I get up on Wednesdays foggy and tired, Sarah and Adam are always dead asleep snoozing away. Honestly,  I'm always kind of resentful that morning because I want to be in bed too! But that thought isn't fair since I get to sleep in almost every other day of the week, and Adam  is super sweet and walks Sarah on those mornings (which is usually my job) because I don't have the time. But you know, I'm not a morning person, and a tired Brittany knows no logic.

I like to rock out to music when I'm getting ready for work, it is just a good kick start to the day. So even though I'm resentful of Adam sleeping, I do the respectful thing and listen to my ipod instead of the stereo (umm,wait, who has a stereo anymore? I meant I listen to the speakers on my computer), while I straighten my annoyingly, stubborn and thick, blonde curls and put on my make-up.

So as I was rocking out, I knocked my ipod off the sink and into the toilet. I momentarily thought of leaving my ipod there or just trying to flushing it. Because even though the toilet was totally clean, the idea of putting my hand in there totally skived me out.  But ultimately my love of my ipod won out and I fished it out. And of course it was totally busted and water logged.

But I had a light bulb moment and I sent off an SOS text to my niece who is just as clumsy as I am, who once dropped her iphone in a lake. AND IT SURVIVED.  She put it in a bowl of rice for five days and it  rose from the dead like Lazarus! So that is what I'm doing. Chilling my ipod in a bag of rice that I got from a ready made risotto mix that I had sitting in my cabinet. I doubt it will work. Maybe my ipod is picky like my husband and prefers a less fancy rice like Uncle Ben's ready rice?  Maybe it doesn't like rice at all.

If it does not survive it will join a long list of technological items I have manged to destroy over the years including two cell phones, numerous lap tops, and two previous ipods.Technology and me obviously don't mix.

Song of the Day: Grace Kelly by Mika

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