Monday, August 1, 2011

Moments from the Week

One day I was sitting at work, fifteen minutes out from lunch time, dreaming about what I would grab for lunch from the 7-11. When someone placed 100+ envelopes in front on me, and asked me to stuff them and close them. My first thought was why couldn't they have given me this when I arrived four hours ago? And all my visions of 7-11 slurpees vanished from my head. My second thought was I'm going to stuff these envelopes like no one else can, and they will keep me around forever and forever because of my awesome envelope stuffing skills. Amen. So I stuffed and licked 100+ envelopes, wishing they had an envelope closer. When I finished I triumphantly plopped all envelopes in front of my boss, and said man oh man my tongue is sure numb (thinking this might emphasize my awesome skills). And she said, "You licked all those? I had an envelope closer in my office." Ouch.

One afternoon, I was headed to Downtown Disney to see my cousins who were visiting California from Arkansas. I was in wall-to-wall traffic on the 5 and listening to the radio. And George Strait's song, "Here for a Good Time," was on the radio. And the lyric, "I'm Not Here for a Long Time, I'm Here for a Good Time," struck me as highly ironic. Because I was pretty sure I was there for a long time and not a good time.

Thursday, I was off of work and had a few hours before I needed to go to class. I had a few dollars left over in my portion of "fun money" as allotted on our weekly budget spread sheet. And I thought it would be a sweet thing for me to pick Adam up from work and take HIM out to lunch for a change. So I whipped out my handy dandy cell phone and dialed him at work. I said, "Let me take you out to lunch today." And he said, "But I packed a lunchable today."  How third grade is that?

Song of the Day: King of Anything by Sara Bareilles

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  1. aw... at least that week is over with and now you get a fresh start!! I love living in the city but I hate the traffic... a lil music always goes a long way with the road...


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