Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Pilgrimage of Sorts

When Adam and I figured out that our road trip would take us through Green Bay, Wisconsin, there was no ifs, ands, or butt about it, we knew we would be going to see the stadium of our beloved Packers. And I'm so glad we did, not only was it just an all around great day, it was surprisingly really touching to learn the LONG history of the Packers.  The only team located in a small town, the only team owned by the fans, and the only team that is older than every other team in the NFL (other than the Chicago bears, by one month, darn you BEARS).

We took a tour of the stadium which lead us up to a private suite, where we had the best seats in the house, to learn the history. And then they took us down to field level. Unfortunately, the field was covered because of all the snow from the day before. We then spent some time in the hall of fame, trying our hand at the lambeau leap (no dice, that wall is HIGH) and posing next to all four Superbowl trophies. Before eating dinner at Curly's Pub, sampling the traditional Wisconsin fair, brats with sauerkraut and cheese curds.

Next year, we hope to finally go to a Green Bay Game, which just might make 2013 our favorite year ever. 

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  1. aw cheesehead heaven! I would love one of those hats. Because I'm a big fan of cheese...not football. Is that weird? It's truth!

    How dare you post pictures of such drool worthy food. Now all I want is something fried and dipped in marinara sauce!


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