Monday, December 3, 2012

On Our Third Date of Christmas: We Decorated Our Tree!

We finally got our tree up this weekend and decorated our little apartment. And I was so glad because I was getting uber jealous of all my friends on facebook with their fab trees.  Saturday night my mother and stepfather came over, even bringing their lab, Carlee, and we ordered pizza, watched the always classic Christmas vacation, and trimmed the tree.

Some people do their trees all fancy with color coordinated ornaments and  tons of tinsel and garland. But I love the beauty and simplicity of a mismatched tree with different ornaments collected over the years. Leave the perfectly matched stuff for the department stores! And finally it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.


  1. Brittany, I love the tree. Decorating the tree/around the house for Christmas always puts me in the Christmas spirit. It's a little different though now since we're staying with Trav's mom until we close on our house. It doesn't feel like Christmas that much - since we don't have our own place to decorate. Kind of sad. Maybe once it snows it'll feel a little bit more like Christmas as well?

    <3 Ash

  2. Love how cozy the tree makes your apartment look. I love Christmas decorating! I'm with you, I love the mismatched ornaments. I do have some matching for filler but all my favorites are unique.


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