Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh, Euclid. You Were So Unlovely.

Did you know that they are naming blizzards now? Just like they do hurricanes? I sure didn't. But I learned this yesterday. You see, we spent the holidays with Adam's side of the family up in Wisconsin. And we had a great road trip up (I got to visit a new state Indiana, and at our hotel in Indiana we got to watch a prostitute go through the trash in the continental breakfast area, before taking the bag up to the hotel room, after her "boyfriend" stuffed her money in the trashcan, BREAKFAST AND A SHOW). And we had a great time in Wisconsin (more to come on that later).

But yesterday, my mother informed us a blizzard was about to blow in. Winter storm Euclid to get technical. But my mother can be a little over-reactive, so I mostly ignored her, which sometimes works out for me, but most of the time she ends up being right, and she is not afraid to rub that in my face .

Adam and I did glance at the weather, but it didn't look too bad, although I did hope Adam would say we should wait an extra day, so we could sneak off into town and see Les Miserables. But we had to get to work on Thursday and blah, blah, blah he said. So we set off at 5:00 a.m. this morning with high hopes of getting to Alabama tonight.

But once we hit Indiana it got a little snowy. No big deal we thought. But then it started snowing sideways, and the snow was building up on the roads LIKE CRAZY. And the highway was like a slip and slide, and it was taking 20 minutes to drive 200 feet. And I was convinced we were going to die.  And my feet were way cold, and I hate when my feet get cold.  So I admitted defeat, and my mom found us a hotel room 20 miles down the road, which took 2 and a half hours to get to because of all the cars stuck in ditches (but no one seemed hurt).

So now we sit in a hotel room with a bed that is not our bed, and we are kind of wishing we were home instead. But we will get home tomorrow, where it will be semi-warm and welcoming.  But I guess this is the perils of winter weather traveling. And something crazy with the weather almost always happens when we go to Wisconsin. Better luck next year?

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  1. Yikes!! But I'm glad you guys are safe in a hotel and not stranded in a ditch in your car. Whew! Can't wait to hear about your Christmas. And omg breakfast and a show. People watching is great isn't it? Hehehe!


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