Monday, December 17, 2012

On Our Fifth Date of Christmas: We Mailed a Southern Care Package

Last week, our old neighbor in California posted some Christmas photos of the outside of the duplex we used to share, and looking at the pictures I thought, "Our California life seems like a million lifetimes ago." It was an odd feeling because I mostly live my life in a state of perpetual nostalgia, and I swear it feels like yesterday I was a little middle schooler with out of control curls. But yet, the life I was living just 5 months ago almost feels like I dreamed it.

I guess we have just settled into our new life in Alabama so seamlessly, without any of those growing pains we had in California.  But yet, California has such a wonderful place in my heart because those were our first years of marriage, when times were lean and money was tight. and we really had to depend on and trust each other.

Alabama is wonderful, but we do really miss some things about California. Like being a stone throws away from Hollywood & Disneyland, those delicious pretzel sticks from Claim jumpers, the beach, and of course our wonderful friends.

We really wanted to share a little bit of our new life with our California friends, so we put together a Southern Care Package including:

1. Fresh Picked Cotton (That's right I pulled over to the side of an Alabama road, and picked it on a seriously cold, fall morning).

2.A Lynchburg Whiskey Cake (made with Jack Daniel's)

3. Teaberry Chewing Gum

4.  A Pecan Log Roll

5. Cow Tails Candies

6. Jack Daniel's Mustard & BBQ Sauce

7. Corn Muffin Mix

8. Southern Pecan Coffees

9. Handcocked Virginia Peanuts

10. Cherry Cola and other Various Flavored Swizzle Sticks

11. Moon Pies

12. Goo Goo Clusters

Our friends were so excited when they got it, and I loved bringing our two lives together, even in just a small way.

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  1. Now that is one awesome care package. I love those! I've made a California gift basket for family in years past, with wine, cheeses and breads from the area. That corn bread mix is drool worthy.


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