Sunday, June 2, 2013

Belated Mother's Day at The Melting Pot

My mother and I couldn't celebrate mother's day on mother's day for various reasons, so we decided to celebrate last weekend instead.  This is the first year in a long while that I'm actually living near my mother, one of the many things that rock about being back in my beloved ALA-FREAKIN-BAMA.

My mom is like me and she likes doing different things and having new experiences, so I thought taking her out for fondue would be fun (although you would think that growing up in the 70's, she would have been a fondue aficionado, but not so my friends).

I have done fondue once before with Adam on our 3rd anniversary. I loved it! But Adam not so much, but that is because he is so picky. I knew my mom would enjoy it so much more.  We started our meal with the melted Wisconsin Trio of cheese. And did you know that apples dipped in cheese is the best thing ever? Who knew, it seems like it would be disgusting.

For our second course, we picked the caribbean style of cooking (known as the Mojo). Which basically involved dipping the food in a boiling flavored liquid. I choose a Cajun sampling of meats, and my mother choose a standard land & sea platter.  We had a choice of 6 sauces to dip our meats in. My favorite was the yogurt based sauce. This portion of the meal was my favorite because the cooking process took a while, and it really gave us a chance to talk and catch up!

Finally, it was time for dessert. They brought us a tasty platter of fruits, sweets, and other goodies to dip in our White Chocolate Creme Brulee  (which they set on fire when they first brought it out). I think the moment I dipped the rice krispee treats into the white chocolate and tried it, I was in nirvana. I don't even like rice krispee treats that much, but it just made such a great combination!

This mother's day was so fun, and I can't wait to enjoy many more here in Alabama!

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