Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spirted Art

Last weekend, My mother and I went to Spirited Art Studio in Huntsville to do some painting! And the lesson of the night was in painting peacocks! Now I have to say that I have no painting or art skills whatsoever. When I was in high school, my youth group at church went on a mission trip. I was running a group of little kids who were drawing pictures of their families. And I tried to draw mine. I think it would have went well, if I hadn't tried to draw hands. My picture looked so bad that preschoolers were laughing at it.

But on the website, it said if you know your shapes, you can paint! And I might have failed geometry on my first try, but I do know my shapes.

I had told my mom before we got to the studio, that you got to drink wine! Because I honestly thought they did provide wine. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw my mom pouring herself and me a class of wine. But she couldn't pop the cork, so a lady comes up and says, "I'll take that." We thought she wanted to help! But no it was her bottle of wine, and the studio did not provide any wine. She probably thought we were stealing her moscato! That was super embarrassing and super hilarious. She wouldn't let us give her the wine back, so I guess we still got some free wine from the deal.

We really enjoyed the painting class and I was pleasantly surprised that I loved my peacock. I mean I'm not going to quit my day job and start painting on street corners (and maybe it is not living room worthy), but you can tell it is a peacock, so I'm proud!

I can't wait to take some more painting classes, in fact I'm doing a date night class with Adam next week.


  1. Wow those turned out awesome! I love the colors! You do so many fun activities, seriously. I'd love to take an art class.

  2. The wine thing is totally hilarious! It sounds like something I would do.
    And I love your painting. You can completely tell that it is a peacock. You have reason to be proud. We have one of those places nearby and I have never done it. I need to. It looks like fun.


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