Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For the Love of a Geek, The Nintendo Experience, & Google Reader Sadness

You know how much I love my geek? So much that I was willing to stand in line for two hours at Best Buy, on a day I was super sleepy and a tad bit cranky, for ten minutes of video gaming of some new games coming out for the WII U (which we already own of course). We own a ridiculous amount of game consoles, so please don't ask me to name them. 

And that is right Adam is definitely a video game geek. Do you know how many weeks I've listen to him go on and on and on about all the faults of the upcoming release of the new Xbox console (if he ever ends up buying one, I will roll over and die). So much so that I don't even know what to say about it anymore! I'm just like, "that is awful, honey," all of the time. I have nothing else to contribute. Not that I mind listening, I'm a geek about history. I could go on and on about history for days. 

But I also learned that Adam is not as big of a geek as most other geeks. Some of those people we waited in line with were pretty out there. Adam has other interests and other hobbies that make him him. Video games probably only make up about 40% of his interests. 

We played the new Mario Kart, which is our favorite game to play together. I've always been obsessed with that game. And I have an innate talent for it too because I almost always win. Which is hilarious, because I suck at video games most of the time. I think I am a better driver on Mario Kart, when bananas, shells, and bombs are being thrown at me, than I am at driving in real life! I was a little sad that I couldn't play as my favorite character, Birdo. I love that little gender confused bird/dinosaur. We have had a lot of success together. But I'm hopeful Birdo will be playable in the full game version. Otherwise I'm going on strike.

I beat Adam as evidence by my rockin' Luigi hat. He only got a little Mario flag. He was a little sad by his loss, and I offered to let him where my hat. But he felt he didn't "earn it." 

He is ridiculous, but that is why I love him. 

P.S.-I just wanted to announce, in case you haven't heard, which you had to be living under a rock if you haven't, that Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. That freaked me out for about a day, since I only have ever used google reader since I started blogging. It was like saying goodbye to a friend. I was just as sad when geocities shut down, and I lost all those cheesy websites I made in middle school/high school (complete with auto start music, flashing backgrounds, and mouse cursers with strings of stars). But anyway, this is all to say I'm using bloglovin now, and I love it. So make sure you switch me over to that. I've heard lovely things about feedly too! Both sites make it super easy to switch your blogs over from google reader!

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  1. We have the Wii U and I CANNOT wait for Rayman Legends. Was super upset they pushed the date back!

    Love me some Super Mario, though!


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