Saturday, June 1, 2013

Favorite Things: May 2013 Edition

1. My New Kicks
My old running shoes were getting worn out, so last week I went and picked out a shiny new pair! New Balance shoes are definitely my favorite! They just fit the shape of my foot perfectly. And I love that bright colors are so in right now.  They have been super comfy when I'm exercising lately.
2. Victoria Secret's So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner
My mom got me these for my birthday. Not only do they smell amazing, I love how soft they make my hair feel. I can't believe such awesome hair products could come from Victoria Secret!
3. The Happiness Project: One Sentence Journal
A few years ago, I read a book about a reporter who found a five year, one sentence a day journal from the 1920's. She then dedicated her time to finding the writer of the journal and writing her life story. I really loved this book, and I loved the idea of a 5 year journal. So I bought this one, hopefully I can keep up with it that long!
4. Lush Bath Bombs
One of my favorite stores is Bath Junkie, which I used to go to when I visited my family in Texas. But recently that store closed down, and I was so sad because I couldn't get my beloved bath bombs anymore. But I started buying these pretty ones from LUSH. They are not as good as my bath junkie ones but a close second.
Recent Favorite Tunes:
1. Paris in The Morning by Joe Purdy
2. One of a Kind by Melissa Ferrick
3. Bruises (feat. Ashley Monroe) by Train
4. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker
5. Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Ray
What Makes Me Laugh Lately:

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  1. Seriously love those shoes!!! And Lush bath bombs are the best.
    I love the idea of a one sentence journal. I am really bad about keeping up with things like that though.
    Do you remember the name of the book that gave you the idea?


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