Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Phase III

(Leopard Slipper Boots & Sweatpants My Favorite Recovery Staples)

Today has been officially five days since surgery, and I've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Just sleeping and showering and watching a ton of TV. Yesterday was the first day that I really started to get a little bored and a little stir crazy, probably because I'm napping less and less during the day because I don't always feel the need to.

Sleeping has been somewhat difficult because I am a card carrying member of the side sleeper club. And I'm still pretty sore, so sometimes when I try to sleep on my side it puts too much pressure on my stomach, so it takes a bit of gymnastics to get into a comfortable position, and lord help me when I want to roll over and Adam is already asleep. There is a lot of groaning, half rolls, and psyching myself up before that is accomplished.

Due to this, I usually just nap on the couch. But that to is fraught with its own set of difficulties. Because when I sleep on the couch, for some reason  I'm usually suspended between that weird state where you are half asleep and half awake. The problem is I can hear myself snoring in this state. And is there anything that inspires more self loathing than hearing yourself snore and not being able to do a thing about it? I think not.

I have officially entered into Phase III of eating. This includes really soft foods and pureed meats. My eating day looks something like this: one scrambled egg for breakfast, a glass of skim milk with some protein powder for a snack, yogurt for lunch, possibly a sugar free Popsicle for a snack, and the 3 ounces of pureed beans or chicken for dinner.  But I'm not hungry so far. In a few weeks, I can add solids back into my diet.

Sometimes I see a commercial for Pizza Hut or Olive Garden and I think, "oh that looks good." But it is more of a passing interest than something I really want. But I'm not crazy, I know all this is new, and it won't always be that easy. One side effect of weight loss surgery mentioned in my literature is "mourning the loss of food." So I'm sure I have some of that headed my way eventually. 

I've been walking on the treadmill daily, just 15-20 minutes at a really slow pace, just trying to build up my stamina.  And tonight I even went out for a little bit to trivia night with Adam and the family.

I had some concerns about sitting at a table full of my favorite Mexican foods and not being able to eat a thing making me sad. I live for queso dip and chips! My nutritionist had warned me that this is pretty hard for some people. But really, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, the food just didn't interest me. But I did have to move the chip bowl away from me, not because it tempted me, but sometimes I would find myself mindlessly going to eat a chip out of habit!

I was content but overly tired at dinner and pretty much a grump-a-saurus-rex for no reason at all. But it was still good to get out a bit.

I haven't weighed myself, no one has told me not to, but I just want to wait until my post operation appointment with my surgeon, I'm trying not to focus on the weight loss and more on just getting healthier. But I can tell I've dropped some pounds, and everyone that sees me, says I have too.

Today, I noticed my ankles were the skinniest I've ever seen them and I just couldn't stop staring at them! What a silly little change, but a noticeable one for me! I'm so excited to see what I will be noticing in the upcoming weeks and months to come!

P.S-If you noticed things are a little odd over the next few weeks on the blog, don't sweat it! I'm doing a little rebranding and switching things up a bit! Ready for something new! 

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  1. I'm very excited for you and this new phase of your life B. Very happy for you! I'm so glad you're not looking at this as the quick fix, but as a whole lifestyle change. You've already been so good about walking/running, and I know you'll do even more now. I bet you find that once you're all healed up, your energy level will skyrocket!


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