Saturday, January 4, 2014

Notes from Wisconsin & Pack Attack

Let me say a word about people who live in Wisconsin, they are hardy people.  Because it is cold! Every year around this time, I think the cold won't be that bad. And it is always that bad. That is a cold that slaps you in the face. And can you imagine having to stumble outside in subzero temperatures to shovel your car out from under inches of snow before work? I can barely manage to shower and eat breakfast before work, much less do hard labor. 

But I will say this, Wisconsin has grown on me because it is just so darn pretty covered in all that snow.  It is something akin to living in a snow globe. And when you see people driving their cars on those frozen rivers and lakes it will blow your mind. 

On those holiest of all holidays, Christmas Eve Eve, we spent the majority of the day running last minute errands. This also gave Adam the opportunity to point out city landmarks, like the building where most people jump from when they are committing suicide. I am still unsure why Adam would share this factoid with me? Maybe because a few years ago I made him sit through a documentary about jumpers from the San Francisco bridge?

One of those errands we ran, was to a local pharmacy to print out pictures from the Packers' games to give to Adam's mom. I was going to do this as a last minute stocking stuffer, and I only mention this at all because I had one job, not to tell Adam's mom about it. And you know what I did when Adam's mom asked me later that night if we found a place to print pictures? I froze and could not bear lying to her and totally cracked under pressure. Like what? I am deceitful about gifts all the time, yet I couldn't bring myself to lie to her. Adam found this amusing. 

And you know what else is great about Wisconsin? You are near real life Packers' players!

On Christmas Eve Eve night, we went to Pack Attack! Pack Attack happens every Monday after a game, it is basically just attending a taping for a local newscast. They always have a Packers player there to interview about the game, then the player tries their hand at throwing plastic footballs into a goal, and then he signs some autographs.

This Pack Attack they had Kahlil Bell, who plays on special teams! And my oh my, was he a handsome guy (and super nice too)! I was so excited because after Bell played the little toss game, he threw out some plastic footballs into the crowd, and one was straight to me, and I caught it with SURE hands, that sucker didn't even bounce.  Afterwards, we got to get his autograph and take a picture with him.

I may or may not be contemplating pinching his butt checks in this picture, I'm sure Adam would have approved.

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