Friday, January 31, 2014


I happen to live in the teeniest, tiniest pocket of Alabama that was not touched by the recent Winter storm. No snow for us,  it was just ridiculously cold. Adam finds it hilarious that here in Alabama, they will delay school two hours the night before a day when it is supposed to be "too cold." Sure, he is from Wisconsin where a little cold is no big deal, I GET IT.  But I make equally fun of the way he whines during our HOT, HOT, HOT summers.

It was so disappointing to me that it didn't snow, I really just wanted a snow day! I mean wearing jeans for a week to work is a nice treat, but it is nothing compared to sleeping in and binge watching bad TV. 

Today the temperature finally got up to 40 degrees, which felt down right tropical. So I wanted to spend some time outside. I happened to be in Huntsville this afternoon for an appointment, so I decided to do my walking there today. 

I'm so glad I did, not only is it a million and one times more enjoyable than the dreadmill, I stumbled upon the Huntsville Depot Museum! I've have always wondered about it because I often drive by one of the cabooses,  but I never thought to just stop there. They have so much more than one caboose. They have many other climbable railroad cars and representation of old timey buildings.

It was just so cute & charming. 

I would love to take the kids from work there this summer during our summer program. But every time I think about how fun it would be to take the kiddos there, I start thinking about all the ways they could get themselves in trouble there. It is amazing the creative ways they can come up with to misbehave.

They are like mad geniuses when it comes to things like that, I kind of admire them for that. 

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