Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Norman Rockwell Exhibit

Today my mom and I went to the FRIST (Frist Center for the Visual Arts) in Nashville to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit. When I woke up this morning, I truly did not want to go.  I was tired (although I slept crazy good this weekend) and it was rainy outside, which is the perfect weather for staying home, but not so much for going out.  We almost didn't go, but then I thought, "Might as well." 

I had been to the FRIST once before when I was much younger. I remember seeing some famous paintings, but I did not remember much about the building itself (probably because I didn't care about those kinds of things at 15). But the building is BEAUTIFUL inside. It is the old Nashville post office, and the inside is full of 1930's touches.

My mother and I bought one of the fancy schmancy audio tour gadgets and immediately headed upstairs to see the exhibit. I was so happy to see it wasn't too crowded. I guess we have the rain and Superbowl Sunday to thank for that.

(Note to self: Superbowl Sunday is an awesome time to go to an art exhibit, but the Saturday night before the Superbowl is an awful time to go to the grocery store. That place gave me high anxiety. All those people blocking the items I needed to get, making me have to pretend to be staring intently at the items next to the items I actually needed. And really lady, it shouldn't take that long to pick out a flavor of yogurt).

The exhibit was so engrossing. I knew I had always liked the Norman Rockwell paintings and illustrations I had seen in the past. But I had no idea the history and meaning behind them. I had never before noticed how detailed his paintings truly are. He had a reason for everything he added to his paintings!

I loved learning about his process for creating and how he used his models (which often times were his children!). I even think I have discovered a few new favorite paintings (the one pictured above topped the list for me)!

After the exhibit, we went to the gift shop and I bought a Norman Rockwell coffee table book, American Chronicles of Norman Rockwell. I really just can't wait to read it all!

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  1. I didn't even know that was in Nashville! It looks pretty interesting - Trav and I might have to visit it when we go visit Nashville next time. Can't wait to hear about all about the book! And I'm glad that you went even though you debated on going - I do that all the time and am glad that I ended up going to begin with, because otherwise I would have missed it.

    <3 Ash


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