Thursday, February 6, 2014

He Said, She Said

Just a few conversational nuggets from the last few weeks:

Brittany: I feel like I will be doing stupid things for the rest of my life.
Adam: And I will spend the rest of my life reprimanding you for it, that is our journey.

Brittany: Did you play cop and robbers when you were a kid?
Adam: No never, I played Ninji Turtles.

Brittany: (joking) that is what a heretic would say
Adam: I'm not a heretic, I'm a Lutheran

Brittany: I'm watching this show where they are giving these people weight loss surgery. It is neat to see what they did to my stomach, you can even see the laparoscopic tools they used that made my incisions.
Adam: I hope they didn't put a government chip in you.
Brittany: I kind of hope they did.

After seeing the sorry state of my closet last week:

Adam: (Adam comes running down the hall) There was an explosion in the bedroom and there are clothes everywhere!! Are you alright?
Brittany: Shut Up!
Adam: I want to jump in your closet and make a clothes angel!

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