Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Book Club That Wasn't

(Recipe Source: 1, 2, 3, 4)

My mom is part of a book club, and this kind of burns my butt or grinds my gears as they say, because I have always wanted to be in a book club. I know, I know I'm such a nerd. My dreams aren't big OK? And I can't really say my mom is  stealing my thunder because both her and my dad gave me an unstoppable love of reading.

So I could have been a part of this club, but they have it on Thursdays, which is one of two days I work uber late, and arguably my most exhausting day due to the fact I run a group for 4-5 year olds that day, who are undeniably cute, and I love them, but they just wear you out! So to attend, I would always be at least 30 minutes late.

Last Thursday was mom's turn to host the book club. I was excited, and I thought this would be an easy way to give the club a whirl.  I decided to take over preparing the snacks, since I just love, love, love trying new recipes. I chose deviled egg dip, jalapeno cheddar poppers, fried raviolis, and desert brownie pizza.

All stuff I can't eat mind you. But all stuff that would allow me to further my culinary skills. I have never fried anything! I have never used my food processor! I have never paired brownies with fruit (scandalous).

I spent all Tuesday night and Wednesday night after work last week, slaving over the stove. Do you know how much reality TV I missed out on? I even managed to burn my finger, testing the temperature of the oil. Yes, I just said I tested the oil temperature with my finger! Not my brightest move I admit, but I truly did not believe it could be that hot after literally a minute on the stove (now I know).

It is really weird to cook bariatric unfriendly food for me, because I can't really taste test the food. I remember that being a Top Chef quick fire challenge one time, now I get the difficulty. This may be TMI, but I did try the fried lobster ravoli and then spit it back out. I had Adam try the deviled egg dip, and then spent many hours obsessing and worrying that my cheddar poppers would be too spicy!

I was super proud of my accomplishments when I went to bed that night. But the next day at work, my mom texted me to tell me book club was being postponed due to possible bad weather. I was all like, "Are you kidding me?"  I was so disappointed, I was ready to wow with my food! I about rolled my eyes outside my head.

[On a side note: Adam and I are both chronic eye rollers, which I get is so disrespectful. But in an argument, we almost always do it to each other. And even though we are both equally guilty, it never fails to make the other person a million times more mad. I'm sure our kids will take gold in the eye rolling Olympics. Yeah, not looking forward to that].

I should have expected it honestly. The week prior we had been having crazy cold temperatures (and snow), and then it was super warm, which is basically a tornado's dream weather! We did indeed have a pretty bad storm that night and even a mini tornado (no one was harmed thank goodness).

If we hadn't had a storm that night, I would have been pretty peeved.

At least my mother enjoyed my food, and she raved about my jalapeno poppers a ridiculous amount (it so fed my fragile ego). But this week when it is time for book club again? They can just enjoy a fruit tray!


  1. LOL! You make me laugh! All of the food looks delicious - and I am so going to try the recipes! Yummy!!!

    <3 Ash

  2. That's so disappointing hun. At least it's good practise :) Food looks good!

    Sophie x



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