Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Of Love, War, The Olympics, & Snow

So far I have had two snow days off of work, and I don't have to go into work until 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. It is ironic that tomorrow we only have a delay because this afternoon/evening is the only day we have actually seen any snow! 

I was woken up from a glorious, afternoon nap by a flurry of text messages from my coworkers about the snow (via group text). They were mostly complaining about cabin fever. I think one coworker summarized the whole conversation by saying, "this weather is bad for my waistline and my relationships!" And my other coworker said, "My husband and I are thinking about going to wal-mart and WE HATE WAL-MART." I had to laugh about the "bad for my relationships" comment  because Adam and I did get in the most ridiculous of all ridiculous fights today, most likely brought on by all that togetherness. 

I also committed a faux pas by taking a nap (going to bed) angry. Adam said, "Aren't we going to talk about this?", and I got all pouty and hollered, "NO!", and then took a nap. But really it worked because when I woke up I was no longer mad, mostly because A. The Fight was Stupid and B. It was snowing like crazy! 

It has been snowing non-stop for six hours! Never in all my years in Alabama have I seen snow like this, usually we just get a dusting. Tomorrow it will be a mess I'm sure, but tonight it is just gorgeous. I love sitting around watching it snow, snow, snow.

The time off has given me a lot of downtime of course, and I've been watching the Olympics non-stop. I am an Olympic fiend, I have been since the first Olympics that I remember (Atlanta, 1996). I just remember the moment when Kerri Strug vaulted in gymnastics on her injured ankle so clearly, I think that is when I got hooked.

I watched all four hours of the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, and I had some fun with the whole #sochiproblems thing. When the one snowflake didn't materialize into an Olympic ring, my friend said, "Someone just disappeared because of that mishap." All jokes aside, I really love Russia & their culture & history.

I do have some unanswered questions about the Olympics though. How come people don't bet on the speed skaters, like they do horses? Who decided to combine shooting and racing on skis? When does one wake up and decide they want to luge? How come there aren't more South American bobsled teams ala the Jamaican Bobsled team?

Yes, I have been watching most of the sports mentioned above, but I have yet to see my favorite Winter Olympic sport, CURLING! Curling is so absurd in so many ways, and I absolutely love that there are people in the world who have devoted years to this sport, spending days on days, brushing the ice and HOLLERING at a stone.  But it is oddly compelling isn't it?

And of course, I love figure skating. I have been to champions on ice many times over the years, and I remember being a wee little kid pretending with my friends to be Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding. I was Tonya Harding of course. But this was before she did all the bad stuff (and I don't mean the sex tape).

So I want to thank Winter Storm Pax for allowing me the time to get my "Olympics On," as the kids would say. That is, if they kids are even watching the Olympics nowadays.

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