Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Weekend Report

I'm not going to complain about the weekend almost being over because that would be obvious wouldn't it? But I can say this was a wonderful weekend. I feel like I always say that, but I just really, really love a good weekend. I love that feeling I get on Friday afternoon when I'm done with work, and I just feel free. I love staying up late and sleeping in. I love that we can do as much or as little as we want. I even love my weekend solo trip to the grocery store, where I blast my tunes, and slowly browse the aisles. 

Friday, I restarted the couch to 5k, now that I can really work out since I'm 6 weeks post-op! I guess all the walking has paid off because it wasn't too hard. Sunday, when I did it again, I was able to up the speed by .2, while I watched Tonya & Nancy on NBC, silently crying about the Olympics already being over.

Adam and I aren't officially starting house hunting until May, but Friday night we just browsed our options online and found a nice house not too far from here. The next morning, my mom picked me up when she was dropping Carlee off to stay with us for the weekend. She wanted to drive by the houses, which is her absolute FAVORITE thing to do ever. I really loved the two houses we saw. Later on in the day, I took Adam by and he really liked one of them. It is kinda hard to look at houses right now knowing we can't do anything to own one yet. But it is heartening to know there are so many nice houses that fit our criteria!

Saturday afternoon, we had matinee tickets to see Flashdance the musical, and I got to wear my sparkle shirt! I have never seen the movie Flashdance, blasphemous I know. I enjoyed the play, who doesn't love the 80s? I'm not going to say it was my all time favorite musical, that distinction is reserved for Miss. Saigon. But we really had a lot of fun, and I have What a Feeling going through my head non-stop!

On Saturday night, I made up some baked chicken nuggets from this recipe. Even Adam loved them! It is so rare for us to find a meal we both love, that is fairly healthy. This is going into the dinner rotation for sure. 

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