Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day

Can I just say I am a total fan of this cheesetastic sorta hallmarky holiday? I think people get too caught up in the relationship aspect of it, when it really is just about demonstrating love to all people in your life (but hey maybe that is easy to say, when you are in a relationship).  But even back in college, my friends and floor mates exchanged Valentines' elementary school style. And this year I sent my friends Hello Kitty Hologram Valentines via snail mail (I just can't help myself)!

Adam and I decided to go out for a dinner and a movie date night last night to celebrate. We really hadn't gone out on a real date in quite a while. First, I was recovering from surgery for quite a while, and in those weeks I was not that fun to hang out with. Did I ever mention how emotional I was post surgery? It seemed like anytime I went anywhere, I would find a reason to fall apart and cry in public. I don't even know why!  I'll be honest, I'm a total crier, and a totally over emotional girl (but I am not a public crier). And then Adam was out of town for two weeks, so it was about time to get our date on again.

We went to Applebees, perhaps not the most romantic of spots, but a spot I could get a plain grilled chicken breast. I had to laugh because Adam saw a deal where we could get two entrees and an appetizer for a good price. I said, "You know I won't be able to eat the appetizer right?" He was like, "But it is such a good deal..." I understood that logic, that is fat people logic! So he ended up eating like 9 mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and french fries all by himself.  I ate like 3-4 bites of the chicken, one bite of zucchini, and one bite of a mushroom.

Here is the ironic part, he ate all that GREASE, all that CHEESE, and all that FAT. Yet, when we were driving away from the restaurant, Adam had to pull over and I, not he, puked up my dinner! Who knows why. Maybe it was too dry, maybe that 4th bite was one bite too many.  I was shocked, I haven't thrown up in ages (and by ages I mean weeks).

So I was like, "Thanks Babe, for buying me a nice dinner, that I only ate a few bites of, that I couldn't even keep down! You are awesome at making sure I don't puke in the car and shielding me from the public humiliation of it all! Happy Valentine's Day."

It's the little things right?

After dinner, we went to see the Lego Movie! Because of course, everyone knows we are Lego obsessed! I was thinking there wouldn't be a ton of kids there at 7:00 on Valentine's day, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. That place was packed, almost every seat was taken! I was so worried the children would be annoying (and yes, I obviously love kids, but these are not the kids I'm working with, and I wanted to enjoy my movie).

But those kids were so good at not being distracting. They were a lot better than some of the adults I've been around lately in theaters. Maybe because their parents kept them in check? Maybe adults who like to talk in the movies,  should be required to go with their parents, so they will show some manners.

The Lego Movie was so good! I'm not even kidding. I don't mean good for a kids movie, it was truly, truly good. We laughed non-stop, and we have been talking about the movie continuously since last night. Go see it now, if you really want to escape and laugh for an hour and a half. 

I guess no Valentine's Day would be complete without gifts. My gifts to Adam had a Zelda theme. The card was from Zelda, and then I got him a classic Zelda themed mouse pad. I guess it was also a geeky theme, but he LOVED it. Adam got me the board game 13 Dead End Drive!! 

This was such a thoughtful gift. A few months ago, I told Adam that as a kid I always wanted to play that game and never got the chance! I can't believe he remembered that. I can't wait for it to get here, so we can play it! I just want to drop a chandelier on Adam's head (this will probably deserve its own blog post)!

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