Thursday, January 16, 2014

Post Operative Appointment

Today I had my post operative appointment with my surgeon to talk about how I'm recovering. I purposely have stayed away from the scale all week because I don't want to get obsessed with the number, good or bad. But I was pleased as punch to discover I have already lost 26 pounds! I had decided I'd be happy if I shed ten. That is crazy for a week! In fact, when I first told Adam he said, "Is that safe?" Safer than being at my starting weight I know!

My surgeon also has a medical intern with him every time I go to see him. The intern was there when my doctor came to check on me the day after surgery, and he was with him again today. He seemed stunned that I had lost so much weight in a week, that felt good. 

Besides my weight loss, my surgeon said I'm doing well, my incisions are healing, and that he wouldn't have to see me again until April. Thank Goodness because self-paying for Doctor's appointments is a drag.  But so far, worth it. I just have to work on getting more protein in which is hard.

Can we just talk about protein powder for a minute? First, I think it is so weird that I have to have protein powder. I understand the logic and need for it, but I have never known anyone to use it but body builders and the kids from Jersey Shore. But I bought some unjury protein powder from the doctor, and I don't know if I like it or not yet.

I tried putting the unflavored kind in a cup of milk first. It really didn't taste like anything, but it gave the milk a different texture.  Next, I tried the strawberry sorbet in a glass of water, it wasn't exactly gross, but it kind of weirded me out anyway. But today I tried the Vanilla in a glass of milk and that tasted like a Carnation breakfast drink. I consider that a win.  I want to try a few of the other flavors, such as chocolate. They even have a cheese sauce that you can use to make mac n' cheese, that is high in protein. That is awesome! I hope it is good, I would love that.

I also talked to him about how I can't keep pureed chicken down. Twice when I have had it, I threw up after five minutes. It sucks to go from hardly ever throwing up, to having thrown up three times in one week! But the doctor said the chicken is probably too dry, and I might have to wait on that. I feel like it has become my personal mission in life to keep down the chicken!

But in good news, Adam is still the best person to have on hand when you get sick. Before I ate the chicken, I had put away the bowl I had been toting around all week just in case. I was trying to will myself not to throw up with the power of positive thinking! But it failed, and yet again I yelled, "bowl!"  He was so on it. Bless his heart.

When we were dating, Adam used to brag that he hadn't thrown up since he was 8 years old. He was so proud of that fact. He said because the last time he got sick, he was home alone with his dad, and his Dad didn't know what to do about it. So he tried to clean up with the vacuum. With the vacuum, people. Apparently, this was totally traumatizing to my poor husband, who vowed never to be sick again. Although, I don't think it totally works that way.  But Adam broke that record a few years ago, after too much cheese dip at our Super Bowl party. I wanted to be mean and taunt him about it, but he was just oh so miserable.

Umm, I can't believe I just spent a substantial part of this blog talking about puking, I think that means I should wrap this up now and talk about puking never again. Hey at least it isn't as gross of a story as the one Al Roker told about what happened to him at the White House post weight loss surgery!

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