Monday, January 20, 2014

The Weekend Report

Some people would say this is a 3 day weekend, and I should wait and include the ongoings of Monday with this post.  But I call shenanigans. My job doesn't give us MLK JR day off. Is it OK to be bitter about that even if I'm not actually going back till Thursday?  

I have finally been able to get out the the house a little this weekend. Which is good, because I was starting to get bored, and I don't think it is good for any couple to be together 24/7.  Not that we are arguing, but we are just two people who value our alone time, as much as our together time. 

The best thing has been getting out and taking walks, I am still moving sooo slowly, but it feels good to use my legs. I like to go in the evenings. It is cold, but it is the kind of cold that feels clean and reinvigorating. I'm up to walking about 30 minutes and 1.5 miles. My first 5k is scheduled for May this year, so hopefully I'll be in good jogging shape by then.  

Adam and I also broke out some of his Lego Christmas sets he had not built yet today. We really enjoy taking turns and building these together, while catching up on some of our favorite shows.  It is not the most exciting activity, but it just feels so homey and comforting to me. Plus, isn't that little airport control tower totally adorable (I was going to write totes adorbs just now, but I was too worried people would think I actually talked like that, and then would want to murder me. That phrase should only be used in a ironic way, don't you think)?

Last but not least, we are pet sitting my mom's dog, Carlee, this week. She is such good company and a sweetheart (if not totally, hopelessly spoiled). All I have to say about her picture above is, "What does the fox say?"

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  1. Match and I value our alone time as well. I think it makes us appreciate each other more. I also think it's awesome that you're a strong enough couple to admit that you need that time for yourselves. Post C-section, I was so excited when I had the strength to walk more. I know what you mean, it's slooow going, but doesn't it feel so good?


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