Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Game Day!

On the first day of Christmas vacation my true love gave to me....tickets to the Packers/Steelers game at Lambeau Field! Ok, well actually we bought the tickets months ago, but I couldn't pass up the chance to make that rhyme.

When we woke up the morning of the game, we prepared as if we were going off to battle in Siberia. In a way I guess we were, I'm usually an under dresser for weather. I would prefer to wear flip flops year round, and sometimes I do. So at first, I thought Adam's mom offers of scarves and hats to be unnecessary. But I decided I should take them just in case. Thank Goodness I did, it was something like 10 degrees and it never stopped snowing!

We visited Lambeau field last year, but did not get to go to the game, so we were super excited. When we first got to the stadium, we donned our snow boots, coats, hats, mittens, and hot hands. We enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate and "Pac N' Cheese."

When it was time to take our seats, the cold didn't seem so bad, even though people were still shoveling snow off the bleachers! I thought, "I can handle this." We were just so excited for the game, and watching the team come out of the tunnel was one of the highlights of my entire Christmas week. 

Soon the game got underway, we loved being part of the crowd. Yelling when we got first downs, trying to throw the Steelers off their game, and going rabid when we needed the coach to challenge a play. 

By half-time, the chill really started to set in, and by the 4th quarter Adam and I had to go inside and count our toes to make sure they were still there. Luckily, I lost no toes. Because all my toes are precious to me. 

Ultimately, we lost the game, which was a big disappointment. But I had so much fun, so it didn't hurt as much. Plus we went on to beat the Bears this past weekend, and so we make it to the play-offs anyway!  

Next year, we are hoping to catch another Packers' Game, maybe one on the road here in Atlanta or Nashville.  But we will just have to see when the schedule comes out, but for right now, I guess we just have to focus on the games in front of us.

Go Pack Go!

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