Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Weekend Report

Despite the reason we were in Texas, there was a lot of positive things to love about this weekend. We got to spend tons of time with our nieces Cassie & Kayla, that we love more than life itself. We ate delicious meals of Mexican food and one at Chili's. I was so excited to go to Chili's because Adam doesn't like Chili's, but I love Chili's, so we never go there! It truly honestly doesn't take much to please me. I'm a simple girl who will preach on my love for all things  Chili's, Olive Garden, or Red Lobster. 

We took a few minutes to drive by our wedding venue, a place that obviously holds good memories for us. The top three pictures are of the two historic homes with the courtyard between, where we were wed. 

Spending time with my family this weekend, reminded me of one bitter family member that once told me this would be my, "starter marriage." He played it off as a joke, but it was a really hurtful statement. Not to mention, this was the night before our wedding.

But spending time with Adam there this weekend almost 5 years later, reminds me of how so much not a "starter marriage" this is. If I don't say it enough, which I probably do to an annoying amount, I adore my husband.  

On the way back from Texas, we were able to see our nephew Caden, who lives with his adoptive family in Arkansas. He is 4 now, and he is growing like a weed. He has the sweetest and funniest personality. He is all boy.

My mother kept teasing him, telling him he was going to grow pink teeth, and you could tell he didn't know whether or not to believe it. At one point, he even had to go check his teeth in the mirror. I love seeing the little boy he is growing up to be. Unfortunately, we so rarely get to see him, so that half hour was a true blessing.

When we finally made it back to Alabama, we dropped my mom off at her house, and played a little fetch with her dog, Carlee. She is such a sweetheart, and she is fun to play with. She understands half the concept of fetch. She knows to retrieve the bone, but she does not know how to return it.

We wrapped up the weekend by continuing to catch up on series 7 episodes of Dr. Who on the DVR. We finally saw the last episode with Amy & Rory, and we both almost cried.  It is amazing how attached you can get to TV characters. We are so into Dr. Who right now.

I am also happy to be able to sleep in our own bed tonight, as our hotel beds have been of questionable quality these last few nights.   

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed about getting back to my regular working schedule because this has been a whirlwind of a week. Frankly, I'm exhausted. But hopefully, the next three weeks will fly by and it will be Christmas break. I just can't wait to spend some time in Wisconsin with Adam's family!

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  1. I love reading your blog, I read it and tell Dave all the news. You and Adam Are in my eyes the perfect couple. I was also once told my relationship would not last and 9 1/2 years later I say....It is not easy but it is soooooo worth it! Hope to see you all at X-mas.


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