Sunday, December 8, 2013

Deck the Halls

Today after my heavenly afternoon nap (I swear I felt like I hadn't slept in ages), we finally got out our Christmas decor. And now that it is done, it looks so festive in here. We even rearranged the furniture to open up some space for the tree, and the simple changes just made the room feel so fresh. Not to mention we had to organize our living room closet which makes me happy. It was mess.

I love pulling out our ornaments because to me every one of those ornaments makes me nostalgic because they hold so many memories. I know where I received or made all of them. Every year we pick up a new ornament to add to the collection, and this year we picked up the Dr. Who Tardis ornament to honor our mutual affection for Dr. Who. I'm lovin it.

We also put out some other decorations of course. I have two fun Christmas scentsy warmers. And this is the first year we have used an Advent Calendar, and we bought the annual Lego one. We have been having a lot of fun opening the little windows of our lego Calendar and building them.We take turns every night.

I'm so into the holidays this year, and all the decorations and music are just bringing me so much cheer!

1 comment:

  1. Oh i ADORE christmas fever and tree.
    We put our in living room, too :)

    I see you changed your blog style, and i LOVE IT :)
    Big kiss and hug for my Sweet sweet Alabama (♪♪♫) friends.



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