Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In The Week Before Christmas

It is Christmas night and the festivities are over, and I am coming to you from a balmy, snowy, 14 degree, Wausau, Wisconsin night. There are so many things I need to want to tell you guys about. The Packers Game! Pack Attack! Christmas in General! Heck, we are even headed to spend some time in Chicago tomorrow. But really I don't have time for all that! Dr. Who is about to start, and the Doctor is regenerating.

But I wanted to share a few, select pictures from this last week, without giving the big stuff away! First up, was my final pre-operation appointment before my surgery, I was given a car full of information to go over and learn, and they took viles and viles of my blood. Which is overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. I am excited though because Adam gave me a weight loss surgery friendly cook book, and I can't wait to learn a new way of cooking.

The day after my appointment, we hopped in the car and drove, I don't know 1200 miles to Wisconsin. Passing through six states, including Indiana and their wind farms & and the million tolls through Chicago. We took a little car selfie before departing. 

We have spent a lot of time with family this week. We went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service with his mom & co. And Adam's dad had these cute little beer bottles made into reindeer. I cooked up some broccoli and cheese casserole, which was my grandmother's recipe. It made me so happy to do this because I'm missing her so much this Christmas.  But I think she is with us all in spirit.

My niece said when she was driving past the graveyard today, where she was buried, and an Elvis Christmas song came on the radio. Grandma always played Elvis songs at Christmas.  I'm sure she was just saying hello. 

I hope you all had the happiest of Christmas with your families, or friends who have turned into family, or all alone if you so prefer.  

Goodbye Christmas. See you again in 364 days. 

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