Monday, March 3, 2014

Favorite Things: Brighton Charm Bracelet

A few months ago, when my W girls were in town, we stopped in a store, Brighton, and I spotted these lovely charm bracelets. I have loved charm bracelets since I first saw one at my Grandmother's favorite jewelry store, when I was 16 years old. I have longed for one ever since.

Of course, over the past few years Pandora and Charm Bracelets have been all the rage, and I am not sure why I never bought one. But when I got home from shopping that day, I told Adam I wanted a charm bracelet for Christmas.

He was not very stealth when it came time to buy it for me, as he randomly used a tape measure to size my wrist before going out shopping one morning. But I had no clue what charms he would choose.

I was so excited when I unwrapped the box on Christmas eve, and I was very pleased/surprised with what he picked out! The charms were: a travel suitcase (which opens), California palm trees (to represent our time in Los Angeles), an Emerald Birth Stone Heart, A Sweet Home Alabama charm, and a dog for our first pet, Sarah

I bought the anchor charm for myself due to my love for all things nautical lately. 

I also bought the spacers, as Adam did not think about doing that, and all the charms were piled on top of each other. But you can't expect many men to understand the aesthetics of a bracelet now can you?


  1. lol, randomly measured your arm with a tape measurer. That's totally something Match would do. Very stealth. :-) Love the charms he picked out!

  2. The charms are gorgeous lovely, particularly the 'sweet home' one. I've always wanted a charm bracelet... I think it's something every girl should have :)

    Sophie x


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