Monday, March 17, 2014

W Girls on Parade

Right here right now, I am still feeling hungover from the weekend. Not the boozy kind, there wasn't a lick of that for me, but from all the not sleeping, laughing, and general madness and mayhem of the weekend.

I spent the weekend in Jackson, Mississippi, at the famous St. Paddy's parade. Adam did not come since it was basically a girl's trip. Plus,  when I was planning the trip, he was all like, "You have had so much time alone time when I've been gone these past few months, and I need my alone time to do my man stuff."  But he did very little fun stuff while I was gone. He paid bills, did our taxes, and bought cleaning supplies (And then when I got home, and we were comparing notes from the weekend, I swear he said this to me about the grocery store, "I was about to leave the cracker aisle upset..." That may not be funny to you, but it tickled me. If the cracker aisle upsets you, will the produce aisle enrage you?

The weekend kicked off with me driving to Tupelo to pick up my friend Anna, so we could head down to Jackson together. I had two hours in the car to myself. Two hours to rock out, sing, and car dance embarrassingly. I loved every minute of it, road tripping truly is me in my happy place.

Once we got into town, we met the rest of the crew for dinner. How glad I was to be with my fellow misfits. I do want to say I had some anxiety about hanging with my friends for the first time post weight loss surgery. I worried I wouldn't be able to figure out what to eat, or my friends would judge me for how little I ate. But everyone was so helpful and supportive, and they went out of their way to make sure I had what I needed! It truly meant the world to me, although most of the time special treatment makes me uncomfortable. 

Saturday morning, we donned our St. Patrick's gear, and we headed out to the parade.  I have never been to such a big parade, nor have I ever really celebrated St. Patrick's Day, beyond getting pinched yearly for not wearing green. I am only a wee bit Irish after all.

The parade was so colorful, and I loved the creativity of some of the floats (my favorite was the German one). They threw beads all through out the parade also. I got probably 50 and may have been beamed in the face by even more! I got so much swag, and I didn't even have to flash anybody.

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out at my friend's apartment. We played Phase 10 for two hours, and I came so close to winning. Which is pretty impressive, considering I have never played before, and how long it took me to even understand what was going on. At some point, I thought about saying, "Does anyone know how to play go fish?"

If anything this weekend just reminds me of how much I truly do love my friends. We spent so much time reminiscing about old times, as only people who have known each other for 10 years truly can. 

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