Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bits N' Pieces

Just a few things I wanted to share that didn't really need their own blog post:

1. A few weekends ago, Adam and I finally played the game I've coveted since childhood (that he got me for Valentine's Day), 13 Dead End Drive. I seriously love a board game night. I swear sometimes at work, I get really excited when my clients pick a game I want to play.  We really had a fun time with this game, and I won both rounds, Adam was playing it "too careful." It was so very satisfying to drop a chandelier on Adam's head.

2. I am so excited to be heading down to Jackson, Mississippi, this weekend for their famous St. Paddy's Day Parade! I stocked up on so much "bling" for my girlfriends and me to wear. I've been somewhat obsessed! You would think by how excited I am that I was 100% Irish, instead of what I really am, just a wee bit Irish.

3. I found this adorable gastric sleeve plushie from this etsy shop. When I came across it, I knew I just had to have it. It is Pompeii in stuffed animal form! It is also a daily reminder of what I'm working with and working toward!

4. I've been working on this 1,000 piece Normal Rockwell puzzle for several weekends now. It may be nerdy, but I have complete a 1,000 piece puzzle on my bucket list. I'm finding working on it to be really relaxing. I'm sure it is going to take me several more weekends to complete, but I can't wait to snap in that last piece.

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