Monday, March 23, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Recap Trip: Part 6

I was so excited about our Magic Kingdom Day. We got there early enough to catch the Welcome Show, and when they opened the park we took a moment to ogle the Castle and beautifully perfect Main Street U.S.A, before heading back to Fantasy land for our first ride of the day!

The first two rides of the day were Peter Pan's Flight and The Haunted Mansion. I have never ridden Peter Pan's Flight, and I was so impressed with it. It is now my favorite ride! There is something so magical about flying in those boats looking over London and Neverland. And Haunted Mansion is always amazing! The audio-animatronics are so cool, and I live for that ballroom scene. 

We had breakfast at Gaston's Tavern. I loved the atmosphere so much, it looked just like the lodge in the film! And I laughed so hard because the Gaston fountain in front of the tavern was in tribute to Gaston, dedicated by Gaston. We had big old cinnamon rolls and LeFou's Brew to eat/drink. The cinnamon rolls were good, and the brew (which is a type of frozen apple cider drink topped with frozen marshmallow) was "interesting."

No visit to Gaston's would be complete without meeting the legend himself. I was dressed head to toe in Beauty and the Beast apparel that day. Gaston took one look at the Beast on my shirt and declared, "Your shirt is HORRIBLE."  He even pressed up against me in the picture to hide the Beast on my shirt. He was such a flirt. He also teased me about not wearing my wedding ring that day, he said I did that just because I knew I would be meeting up with him. He was hilarious.

While we were still in Fantasyland, we headed over to Ariel's area to meet the mermaid herself. She was excellent. So chatty. I asked her if she was faster on land or in the water, and she said the water, because she is still getting her sea legs on land. Jana asked her about her daughter Melody, and she said, she had just started sea school. And when it was time for her to pose with the boys, she called them sailors. 

After we met some characters, it was time go ride some rides. So of course, we hit up two of the mountains-Big Thunder Mountain Railway and Splash Moutain. Big Thunder was fun as always, a big thrill. The boys were a little reluctant to ride Splash mountain, they didn't want to get wet. One of them (I'm not sure which) asked the cast member if they would get wet. I know they say there are no stupid questions but really? But they agreed to do it anyway, and right before we got into our log, it started raining. So it wouldn't have mattered anyway! Splash was a good time, I always like all the little drops they put in to confuse you. It just makes the big drop that much more fun.  

We all actually invested in those uber expensive Disney ponchos because it was raining so incredibly hard. Luckily, we had lunch reservations at Tony's Town Square Restaurant, so we had the chance to dry off. Tony's Town Square, on Main Street, is based off the Italian restaurant in Lady and the Tramp. And it was so adorable, with all the Lady and the Tramp touches. The food was surprisingly good too. Adam loved his spaghetti and meatballs. We tried to do a Lady and the Tramp style kiss, but Adam kept eating the spaghetti noodle before the picture was snapped. It is a cute picture regardless.  I had a meatball slider, it was top notch.

I will finish our wonderful, Magic Kingdom day in the next post!

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