Thursday, March 5, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Trip Recap: Part 3

After we race, we grabbed lunch, swam, and took a really long nap back at the hotel. But when we got up, we were ready to head to Downtown Disney for the night.  Our friend Robyn met up with us that evening because she had recently moved nearby to Orlando.

They have an after race party in Downtown, so I wore my medal! When we got to Downtown Disney, we put our names on a waiting list for a restaurant, and immediately went to do some shopping. We of course had to hit Adam's favorite store, the Lego Store! I do love Lego stores though, as they are a lot of fun. Especially in Disney, because they have Lego figurines of Disney Characters. I loved the scenes from Snow White, most of all. 

Soon it was time for dinner, we basically chose Portobello Country Italian Trattoria off the map because Italian sounded good to everyone. The food was amazing! Adam raved about his spaghetti and meatballs all week long. My slice of wood grilled pizza was really tasty. Everyone was pleased with dinner. 

After dinner, we shopped some more. The World of Disney is like the Disney Store, expect on a massive injection of steroids! I saw a booth selling commemorative items from the Half-Marathon, and I ended up picking up my Mickey Ears for the trip, they say Princess Half on them, and they are adorable.  Jana and I stopped to pose for a picture in front of this  Frozen "postcard," to send back to our friends and family back home. We were being brats because it was freezing back home, but it was 85 degrees in Orlando. 

After shopping, everyone was ready for dessert. Jana and Austin hit up Ghiradelli for ice cream. But I wanted to try out Goofy's Candy Co. At Goofy's, you fill out a card of what you want, and then they make your treat right in front of you.  I made a white chocolate covered rice krispee treat with sprinkles and butterfingers, with a chocolate drizzle. I kept that thing in my hotel room all week long, only having a bite here and there. I never finished it. But it tasted so incredibly amazing.

Robyn and Adam didn't grab any dessert, but we did treat Robyn by buying her some "Unbirthday Tea." I would love to try out that tea sometime.

We got back to the hotel about 11 p.m. We went to bed because the next day would be our very first Park Day!

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