Sunday, March 1, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Trip Recap: Part 1

We got home from our wonderful, Disney adventure on Friday night. And I have been so tired since then. I'm so glad I had the whole weekend to recover before going back to work! But I think exhaustion is a good sign that the trip was perfection, and it totally was.

I have no idea where to even start recapping the trip, and there will be lots and lots of posts on the trip. But I'm just going to try and hit the highlights and not every single detail (as I am apt to do). And spoiler alert, I COMPLETED and RAN a half-marathon last weekend! It was awesome, overwhelming, and simply a dream come true. 

I took off all of last Friday to pack for the trip. I absolutely hate packing, and I can't tell you how much more enjoyable the whole process of packing was made by simply not having to do it after work, when I'm already worn out (which is usually what I do). In fact, I didn't hate packing for this trip at all. I woke up early and knocked it out in no time. I even finished with enough time to meet my mother for breakfast at iHop before heading out. 

Adam and I got on the road about noon. We were having some crazy weather when we left, and it was haling pretty hard. Adam had no concerns about driving in the winter weather, having grown up in Wisconsin. But I was worried it would lead to delays, especially in Birmingham. I was right, as they had closed down sections of the interstate due to wrecks in Birmingham, causing us to take a detour! There may have been a moment or two, where I freaked out, proclaiming we are never going to make it to DISNEY! Adam was more level headed than I was by the way (per usual, someone has to be rational in this relationship). 

However, it was lucky we left no later than we did, because not an hour after we had left town, officials had closed down our hometown due to poor driving conditions, and we would not have been able to leave at all.

So I'm only posting this road trip picture because I was really excited to wear a brand new Disney shirt for everyday of our vacation. I mean how cute is this Peter Pan Tee? I'm in love with it. But I digress. We spent that first night in Tallahassee. Our friends Jana and Austin joined us from Mississippi later on in the evening, and we got up bright and early the next day to head down to Orlando. Jana and I rode in the car together to have some girl time, and we blasted Disney tunes for three hours because why not?

When we finally got to Disney world, and I saw this sign, I totally freaked out. I was sooo happy. It's weird to plan something so intensely for a whole year and have it finally arrive. I started to have that feeling of, "Oh my gosh!!! We're Here. It's finally happening!!!"

Our first stop was the ESPN Wide World of Sports hotel to pick up our gear for the half. Which we did, and then Jana and I were super thrilled to see they had characters out for greeting, and that one of them was Royal Minnie. Royal Minnie was one of the few characters I really wanted to meet and would be willing to wait for on race day. So knowing that I snagged her picture now, meant that I wouldn't need to race day.  We also met Aurora, through all my planning I knew meeting characters is more fun if you interact with them. So I asked her if she liked her blue dress or her pink dress better. She said she liked them both, but that her godmother Flora, had won that day! She also loved my Mary Poppins shirt, which made me soooo happy.

The only souvenir I bought at the expo was this Belle shoe Christmas ornament, I thought it was perfect, since she was my princess of choice for the race. 

When we finished at the expo, we headed to check into our hotel, All-Star Movies. Even though it is a value resort, the themeing was nice! We ended up staying in the Love Bug Section, which was super cute. The pool area was themed on the movie Fantasia, with sorcerer Mickey looking over the water. But my favorite part of was the Daisy and Donald statue. Also, when we got into our room, our towels were shaped like a Mickey head!

For our first night, I had made us reservations at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I could not believe how beautiful the Animal Kingdom Lodge was! Simply stunning. Boma is a South African buffet. The amount of choices were overwhelming. There were soups, meats, and a dessert bar that never quit. My favorites were the bobotie, carrot ginger soup, and the dessert zebra domes. The price was a little steep, but so worth it, for the fun experience we had.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel. I laid out my costume and everything I would need for the next day. We all went to bed around 9, as we had an early 2:45 a.m. wake up call the next morning for the race. 

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