Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life Lately

Last Friday, I had a total Brittany day. What is a Brittany day? It is basically a day where I go on a date with myself. After work, I headed over to fleet feet to get some new running shoes. My hip was hurting after one of my runs post Disney, and that is a sure sign that my shoes are failing me from overuse. I was sad to retire my old blues (and by retire, I mean now they are my walking around shoes), but I can't wait to see where my new reds will take me! After shoe shopping, I went to Chicken Salad Chic for dinner, and then took myself to see Cinderella. Sometimes I love getting lost in a movie all by my lonesome. The movie was such eye candy. I will do my full review during my end of month round-up.

I can always, always tell the change in seasons by the trees at my local running park. When I ran on Wednesday, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and wonderful smell of the Dogwood Blossoms. Plus, everyone was out and about with their children and dogs. It made my so hyped for Spring time. It has been one long and cold winter!

I can not get into March Madness at all, I am not a Basketball girl (I'm Green Bay Packers girl all the way)! But I'm all about some March Magic! Which is a social media contest to vote for the best ride in either Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Of course, I've narrowed it down on my bracket to Peter Pan's Flight (my personal favorite). I even bought a shirt from the Disney store to show my Neverland Galleons team spirit. I'm having a lot of fun with this.

We are having so much fun with our puppy, Link. He is quite the character, and so full of energy! For a 4 month old puppy, he manages to take up the whole couch, and he snores like an old man with a cold. He seems to be fairly smart and is catching on to his training quite well. There was only one night where he whined after we gated him into our master bathroom, and now he doesn't make a peep at bed time. He loves to run and play. And we are having a battle of wills when it comes to chewing on shoes. He would would win the gold medal in the Olympics for best snuggler. I can't believe he has been in our home a week, some reason I get a little sad when I think of him sitting in a shelter for months! But he is home now, feels so good to adopt a rescue.

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