Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Recap Trip: Part 7

This is part two of our day at Magic Kingdom, read part one by clicking here.

After lunch, we headed over to Tomorrow land. A really nice family who was in line with us to meet Gaston, gave us some fast passes for Space Mountain. So we went through the line quickly, and we were put on the Omega track (which is the longest track). Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides in Disneyland, but the Disneyworld one is better.  More lights, more tracks, and more awesomeness! We would ride this ride one more time before we left for the day.

We then went over to Stitch's Great Escape. I wanted to ride this ride, simply because I've heard it is the WORST ride. So how could we not? It was truly awful, just imagine Stitch burping in your face, and then smelling his warm, chili dog breathe. That is all you need to know.

Jana and I left the boys to do their own thing for a little while, and we went off to meet Anna and Elsa. First of all, Jana and I are apparently awful map readers because it took us forever to find Fairy Tale Hall! But once we got there, we skipped the long lines with our fast passes. Since it was Jana's birthday, she was wearing her birthday button. So both Anna and Elsa suggested we eat some chocolate cake. And since the weather was crazy bad back home, I asked Elsa to unfreeze Alabama before we returned. 

After our royal meeting, Jana and I headed down to main street to do a little shopping. We also squeezed in a little Castle photo shoot in our ponchos. And then Tinkerbell showed up which was pretty darn fun. My main souvenir for the day was the hitchhiking ghosts ornament from the Haunted Mansion ride. I kind of love it. 

Before we met up with the boys, we jumped on the Happiest Cruise on Earth, Small World. I feel like you can't go to Disney without going for a sail. I don't find it obnoxious as some do. It is so colorful, a real feast for the eyes. The only bad part is the end when you are waiting to get off the boat, you have nothing else to see, and all the boats are bumping into you, and the song is still playing... There was a part of the cruise, where there were balloons with clowns. I thought Jana was going to jump ship, being that she hates clowns. We even stopped right under the clowns and they kept inching closer and closer! Classic! 

We met back up with the boys to do our next two fast pass rides-Enchanted Tales with Belle & Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Enchanted Tales with Belle was precious.Basically children and people take on acting rolls, to reenact the story of Beauty and the Beast. The children made it so precious. And I really loved the Lumiere audio-animatronic. 

Mine Train was such fun! I have never been on a roller coaster that slowed in the middle, so you could roll through movie scenes. 

We had some time to kill before the fireworks started, so we headed over to Space Ranger Spin. This one was fairly similar to the one in Disneyland (you have to shoot the target for points and sabotage your opponent). I beat Adam this time, which never happens! But only because I figured out a trick, holding down the trigger continuously. Adam says this was cheating, I think it was brilliant. Look at our faces in these pictures, we were all concentrating so hard!

Next, we hoped on the Tomrrowland Transit Authority People Mover. People mover is an attraction, that takes you all around Tomorrowland. It is pretty cool at night with all the lights in the park. And it's fun to go through Space Mountain, as you get to hear everyone screaming above you! 

I didn't capture any good pictures of the fireworks, as that is an aspect of photo taking that I don't excel in. But I did get a pretty picture of the castle at night. Wishes (the firework show) was wonderful. We actually ended up watching it in Fantasyland. Which was 2nd best to watching it in front of the castle, this way we got to see it above 3 castles (Cinderella's Castle, Beast Castle, & Eric's Castle).  Next time, I am camping out for a Cinderella Castle view though!

We had reservations that evening at Be our Guest. We were so excited. Be our Guest is one of the hardest reservations to come by and I managed to snag one. I now know why it is the hottest ticket in Disney. The food and atmosphere are superb. If you didn't know, Be our Guest is completely based off Beauty and the Beast. We were seated in the beautiful ball room, with fake snow falling outside the windows. And when I sat down at the table at our plate settings with the roses,  I really felt like a princess as corny as it sounds.

After we put in our order, Jana and I went off to explore all the rooms in the castle. Isn't that stained glass gorgeous? We then took in the West Wing, complete with torn painting and wilting rose. Then, there was the Rose room, with the life-sized musical box, that supposedly was given to Belle & Beast on their wedding day by Belle's father, Maurice. And near Beast's study, there were knights in armor.

Soon it was time for dinner. I ordered champagne as a treat for Jana's birthday, and it made the meal feel extra fancy.  We each ordered different entrees, I got the French Onion Soup, which was to die for. We all also ordered many desserts, so we could try them all out. We got the grey stuff (it's delicious, don't believe me, ask the dishes), and I also loved the orange eclair.

We were invited to meet the Master of the Castle, before finishing up our Magic Kingdom Day. The Beast was utterly charming, he kissed both Jana and mine's hand, and posed for various picture combinations. 

I also wanted to share a short story. I realized at dinner, that I had somehow lost my phone, and I was freaking out. And I couldn't remember seeing my phone for a couple of hours. The boys were my heroes though. Austin took off running, so we wouldn't have to skip seeing the Beast, and he went to the last ride I remembered having my phone on. Right after we got our pictures, we ran over to the lost and found at City Hall on Main Street. My phone was there! I was so thrilled.

I have never lost a cell phone (my husband has lost many).  So my streak continues!

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