Saturday, March 28, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Recap Trip: Part 8

Wednesday we headed over to Universal. We got a late start due to lost tickets and Austin feeling ill. And that all made me a little anxious because I had a plan, and I like to be on time. And I might have gotten a little impatient, but eventually I got over myself. And I was ready to start our day.

This ended up being a really relaxed day, we mostly did whatever we felt like, and we rested when we wanted, and we left a little early to hang out at the hotel & sleep. It was so pleasant!

Our first ride of the day was Minion Mayhem, I just love those silly minions. The whole area was decorated with cute images of minions. The ride was a simulator, and it was pretty realistic, and so stinkin' cute. A great start to the day. 

We headed over to the Springfield USA area to ride the Simpson's ride. Adam is a Simpson's fan, ever since that every Simpson ever marathon that aired last year. Springfield at Universal is so well-themed, it is like stepping into the television show! It was just so cool. The ride was another simulator, and it was very life-like. It even made Adam a little queasy. 

We needed to head over to Universal's 2nd park, Islands of Adventure, to catch our lunch reservation, so we got our first taste of Harry Potter World, and jumped on the Hogwart's Express. The train ride was pretty cool. I've been to King's Cross in London, and it reminded me a lot of that. You really felt like you were going on a train trip. During the journey, you sit in train cars, and they project images on a screen, which makes you feel like you are really traveling far. 

I had made us all  reservations at Mythos because I had read it had been voted the best theme park restaurant in America. I was really into Mythology back in high school, even taking a whole class focused on it. So I loved the Mythology/Gods themed decor of the restaurant. One of my favorite touches is the pats of butter they brought that had the Universal logo stamped on them. I had the crab cake sliders, and we all ordered different desserts. The entrees were fabulous, the desserts were lackluster, but maybe they were just having a bad dessert day? Overall, the restaurant is definitely worth checking out.

After we had lunch, it was time to check out Hogsmeade. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, I've seen the movies, and read a few of the books, but it's not really my thing. But I was VERY impressed with both Harry Potter areas at Universal. It was so detailed and well-themed. I really just wanted to soak up the atmosphere. 

The first thing we did in Hogsmeade was head over to Hogwarts to ride the Forbidden Journey. The ride was an excellent simulator, but really the castle tour was my favorite part!

We couldn't come to Harry Potter world, without trying the signature beverages, Pumpkin Juice and ButterBeer. I really loved the butter beer, it was creamy & butterscotchy, and it left you wanted more. We tried it both frozen and cold, frozen was definitely sweeter. But the pumpkin juice was just weird! I did save the pumpkin topper as a souvenir though. We also hit up the candy store, Honeydukes, which had candy as far as the eye could see. Jana and Adam bought some chocolate frogs. The cashier told us to make sure we bit the legs of the frogs off first, so they didn't hop away. 

Adam bought a wand before we left the area. It was Mad Eye Moody's wand. Adam said it suited him because Mad Eye is like him, "old & grumpy."

Our next stop was Marvel Super Hero Island. This area is a lot of fun, with the comic strip motif, and Marvel characters everywhere. We saw the Green Goblin and Doctor Doom hanging about.  Adam and Austin spent some time in the arcade. And then we all went to ride The Incredible Hulk. Riding the Hulk was a big moment for me. I had to give up Thrill Rides years ago because I was too big to fit on the rides. So not even having to think about whether I would fit on a ride was such a relief. What a crazy thrill riding the Hulk was! I loved it so much, I rode it twice!  

After doing a loop around Islands of Adventure, we hopped back on the Hogwarts's Express to check out Diagon Alley. It was just as cool as Hogsmeade. I loved Gringott's Bank and the Weasley's joke shop. We meandered down knock turn alley, talked to the Knight Bus Conductor, and posed for pictures outside 13 Grimmauld Place. We would have liked to have ridden the Gringott's ride, but it was closed!

The last thing we did was ride the Men in Black ride (super fun) before heading home for the evening. We hit up the McDonald's for dinner, and then we spent the rest of the evening at the hotel goofing off. Which means Adam & Austin spent over an hour playing with our stuffed Baymax's. We went to bed early, it was lovely.

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