Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disneyland 2015 Trip Report: Part Six

I woke up on the last day in Disneyland ready to conquer everything I hadn't accomplished that was on my "to-do" list. My mother and I were in Disneyland for rope drop that morning, and we were so excited to see that they had put the Halloween decorations out the night before. They park was looking so lovely for Fall!

There are moments in Disney that are truly magical. One of the characters I wanted to meet this trip was Peter Pan. But I hadn't taken the time to track him down. Yet, I rounded a corner in Fantasy land and poof there he was. I was super excited! I was also thrilled to show him my Never land Galleons shirt. He liked it! 

I headed over to D.C.A after a quick morning in Disneyland to try out some rides I hadn't yet got to. First on the agenda was California Screamin'.  What a fun ride. It wasn't such a big thrill that it scared the pants off me, but it was just enough to get the blood going! 

I also rode Mike & Sully to the Rescue. I loved it, it is like a classic dark ride but modernized. I'm also a big fan on Monsters Inc. And I always laugh when I think of Mike Wozawski, as my niece has a BRIGHT, green car named Wozawski!

I spent a good deal of the afternoon re-riding rides in both Disneyland & California Adventure, grabbing lunch with mom, and packing to go home the next day. I think I may have even taken a nap, so I could close down the park later.

One of the big things on my agenda was to see the Cars lighting ceremony. If you have seen the movie, you will know what I'm talking about. They recreate that exact moment every night at sunset.

So when I hit the parks that evening, I hung out in Carsland, waiting for the event to start, and in the meantime, I hung out with Tow Mater. He was pretty darn cute I have to say.  Finally, the ceremony started, and I recorded a snippet of it. I loved it! Such a simple but perfect touch.

After one final ride on Radiator Springs' Racers, I headed back to Disneyland for the final few hours. I did nothing new, I just stuck with classic attractions like Dumbo. I also had to ride Winnie the Pooh because I never will forget riding it with Adam years ago, when he turned to me and asked, "Is this Pooh's descent into madness?" 
Right before the park closed, I jumped on Indiana Jones' Adventure. It was a perfect way to end the night. 
I'll be honest I was a little sad leaving the park, knowing the vacation was done. I even took the long walk back to the hotel, instead of hopping on the monorail, soaking up the last moments.
We got up the next morning at 3:30 a.m. to catch our flight (ugh). It was a long day spent in airports, but I was so happy to get home to my boys (who were both at the airport). Although Orlando is pretty easy to get to for us,  who knows when I'll be back out to California. But hopefully I made plenty of Disneyland memories to last me awhile!

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