Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 41 & 43

You may have noticed that I skipped a week. I didn't forget it, week 42 was the week we were in Disney. Instead of making a whole album devoted to that week, I decided to just incorporate it into my regular album. But it has taken a little longer to get together, as it is a few spreads for one week. So I wanted to go ahead and share other completed weeks. And I will come back to share my Disney week later!

I'll be honest, I'm not really in love with this spread. I'm not sure why. There wasn't much going on that week, and it all feels kind of random to me. And I really don't like my title card, but c'est la vie. They can't all be brilliant.

For this side, I documented little decorating touches in my craft room, receiving my Sallie from Nightmare Before Christmas Headband, and the super cheap gas prices! It's hard to tell but those white blurbs say, "Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday."

I like this side a little better. I included a special blurb about going to see the movie The Walk and sneaking Link to sleep in the bed with me while Adam was out of town. I get lonely! And the clash of the titans card is a print out of the "Story of the week" featuring me from our fantasy football league.

On the other hand, I really, really love week 43! I got to document my whole girls' weekend in Nashville. I also did an insert with my play bill.

Side 1 was the good food we ate and a few random shots I took. Not to mention my ticket to Cinderella! 

Side two was the picture from the play (as well as our cocktails and socks), and I had to document going to Jack in the Box afterwards.

Materials Used:

Project Life: September Skies Edition
Studio Calico: Wink Wink Kit

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