Monday, November 16, 2015

The Weekend Report

We really had a nice weekend here at the Marten Manor. A few weekends ago, when my friends came up to see Cinderella, I reconnected with another college friend, Lark, after finding out she was living in my hometown! Lark and Adam have a lot in common (both avid video gamers), so we invited her over for a game night.  So there was gaming and pizza (we ordered from Pizza hut, and it came in this awesome Christmas box)! She ended up staying past midnight, it truly was the best! We reminisced about so many funny stories from our college days. 

Saturday was painting night with my mother at our local art studio. We hit up Sweet Frogs yogurt before the start of the class! Yum.  Then we painted holiday wine glasses, we both chose the Santa suits. I thought it ended up pretty cute. I'm hoping to use it in some type of Christmas center piece when we decorate for the holidays. 

Sunday, I did some Christmas shopping, and I did my first ever Jamberry manicure. I need a little practice, but I am loving how the wraps look! I am excited to try more. I also went for a ten mile run. I am trying to play catch up with my training due to some health problems I've been having holding me back!

And although Adam and I are seriously bummed that our Packers have lost three weeks in a row (but win or lose, we love them), I am dominating this fantasy season! I'm usually pretty middle of the road, so I'm enjoying the spoils of my winning streak for sure. Plus, I beat Adam for the first time ever this year. Booyah!

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