Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Cotton Row 2014

This weekend I did the Cotton Row Run for the 2nd year in a row with Adam and my friend, Jana (read last year's race recap here). Monday morning was a hot, hot, hot day! It was 90 degrees and humid before the race even began! Jana and I had already decided the day before we just wanted to hang out and walk together, so that is exactly what we did.

We had a good time at the race, and it was a great way to celebrate Memorial Day. We met some awesome people at the race. Two of the ladies were completing their first 5k, and we even met someone going to the Disney Half marathon!

My time was a little slower than last year (about 56 minutes), but I finished further from last than I did previously, and I wasn't swept to the sidewalk! So I was super pleased. I can tell I'm getting into better shape lately. I get less winded during races, and my soreness does not last as long. The biggest issue I had post race was blisters (I really need some new running shoes)!

After the race, we were sweaty and gross, so we all went home to take some showers, and then met our other friends for breakfast at IHop before everyone headed back home.
Other fun activites from the weekend? We went bowling and had a girl's vs. guy's competetion, they blew us out of the water. Which was good for them, because otherwise we  had made a bet that they were going to have to watch Frozen with us. There was lots of going out to eat, and we had non-stop Mario Kart tournaments.

I was sad to see them go. It was so lovely having my friends here, I just wished everyone lived closer.  But I'm sure our next get together will be just as fun. My hope is our weekend trips will never end.

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  1. You look GREAT B!! I love that big smile, and you can just tell you're feeling good these days. So happy to see that! I love bowling. It's something we don't get around to doing as often as I'd like. Love that you got to spend time with your friends!


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