Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Weekend Report

Usually when I write one of my weekend recap posts I will say this weekend was absolutely fantastic/refreshing/fabulous or other various, positive adjectives. But this weekend was both good & bad, with equal part ups and downs.

Friday night was definitely the high point of the weekend! Adam and I decided to go to the Botanical Gardens to catch an outside showing of the movie, Alice in Wonderland. The Botanical Gardens is probably one of my favorite places to visit, not only is it beautiful, but they are always hosting fun events (such as The Scarecrow Trail & The Galaxy of Lights).  This summer's theme for exhibits and events is Alice in Wonderland's Garden of Wonders and this was the kick off.

We brought a whole bunch of blankets and pillows, and thank goodness because it got really cold, really fast. I hadn't seen Alice in Wonderland in years, I forgot how charming (& nonsensical it really was).  During the beginning of the movie, when the white rabbit appears, declares he is late, and runs off frantically, Adam leaned over and whispered, "He just realized his wife has the credit card." It was so hard for us to stop laughing after that comment, he really cracks me up sometimes. 

I will be going back to the gardens ASAP, to check out the other Alice in Wonderland activities!

We woke up early Saturday to head to the bank and get an pre-approval for a home loan. While the idea of buying a home is excellent, having to sit down and take a hard look at your financials & debt can be a little uncomfortable. It did not got as well as we had hoped, but we are still in a good position to buy a home this summer.

After we left the bank, Adam and I got in the most ridiculous fight, that does not even deserve rehashing, but it put me in a really bad mood. Like a silly, can't stop crying mood. We had plans to run a few errands together, but I decided to go it alone, since we were so annoyed with each other! I ran my errands and then stopped by Sonic for some water with mango flavoring (my current favorite). I was finally feeling happier, so I took a selfie of me with my Sonic water, right after that picture was snapped. I dropped my drink, spilling all 44 ounces all over my car. I don't know if I was more mad about having to clean out the car or spilling all my water!

I came home, Adam and I put together my niece's graduation party invitations to go out on Monday, took a long nap, and did the grocery shopping. We obviously got over the silly tiff, and we enjoyed each other's company, while watching the new show Fargo.

Sunday, I got up early to bake Adam's birthday cake (his birthday is Tuesday). It just so happens his 30th birthday coincides with the reboot of his all time favorite show, 24. So I made him a 24 themed cake. It says Live Another Day, kind of a funny double entendre considering that is the theme for the reboot as well can be age related.

This isn't the first time I made a 24 cake (the last one was much better, see that here on my old blog), and if you want the recipe for my famous Peanut Butter Frosting, see here.

I guess all in all, the weekend was not too lousy, and only seemed lousy in the bad moments. Heck, anything is better than having to work!

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