Saturday, April 4, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Recap Trip: Part 10

One of the things I was most excited about when it came to Disney world was the World Showcase @ Epcot. When I was little, I had a video that was Barbie's Birthday at Epcot, so I always wanted to go there! And due to the wonders of the internet, I found that video on youtube. Cheesetastic, I can't believe they had a Barbie show at Epcot? 

Jana and I made the goal of eating around the world at Epcot, and we accomplished that goal by alternating between who bought the snacks! We were full by the end of the day, but it was well worth it. 

Mexico was quite the festive stop! We stopped for drinks and loaded nachos at Cantina de San Angel. We explored the inside of the pyramid, which is amazing, because when you enter, you feel like it is nighttime in a beautiful city. We rode the Gran Fiesta Boat Tour with the The Three Caballeros (which is a cute and cheesy ride, somewhat Small World like). When we exited the pavilion, there was a group playing mariachi music.  

Next stop was Norway. Of course, Jana and I had been in Norway earlier that morning. But now we took the time to stop and take pictures. I loved all the touches of trolls and vikings. It kind of reminded me of our trip to Holland, in a weird way. And when it came time to snack, we went into Kringla Bakeri og Kafe and had the school bread. It is a sweet bread full of custard and covered in frosting and coconut. And it is delicious, this was my favorite treat of the whole Eating Around the World challenge.

China was next on our itinerary. It is an intricately detailed pavilion, while we were there I couldn't help but remember that Reflections video from Mulan, as it was filmed there, long before Christina was a Genie in a Bottle. We took in the 360 movie, Impressions of China. Which we enjoyed, but it could really use some seats, for us feet tired park goers. We then explored the tomb warriors exhibit, which is a neat reproduction of the Terra Cotta soldiers.  For our food selection, we headed into the Lotus Blossom Cafe and had some egg rolls.

Germany is such a homey and warm pavilion, one of my favorites. I haven't been to Germany, but if it is like this pavilion, it has to be really charming. I loved that the statues of the children came out every 15 minutes to announce the time, like a life sized cuckoo clock!  I would also really like to eat at the Biergarten some time. The best part of Germany though? The whole pavilion smelt like caramel! It was coming from the Karamell-K├╝che, so how could we not go there for a snack? We got the caramel apple oatmeal cookie with pecans, and it was AMAZING. The caramel was gooey and thick just like on a caramel apple. And it was just the right amount of sweet and nutty.

Italy is designed around a plaza, it reminded me very much of my time in Venice with a few hints of Rome. I had to stick my hand in the "mouth of truth," as it reminded me of the Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday. We actually had a sit down meal at Tutto Italia. Adam wanted to get more Italian food before we left Disney, so I booked us a reservation here earlier in the day. So I just snacked off his plate of spaghetti & meatballs (we didn't eat the meatballs as they were veal, and we don't eat veal based on principal). The spaghetti was good, if not a little lackluster. It was pretty much the least impressive restaurant we ate at all week, but that was just my opinion. Maybe they were having an off day? After we ate, we came outside and watched the flag twirlers for a bit.

When we got to America, Austin was all like we don't have to eat here right, since we live in America? And I was all like NO because then we won't have completed the challenge. There wasn't a ton of options for food in America, just the standard fair of hot dogs & hamburgers. But I do love some funnel cakes, so we stuck with that. It was pretty good, but fried dough is never a bad option, now is it?

We didn't have time to take in the audio-animatronic show, and I would like to, as I've heard it is amazing. It was getting pretty chilly by this point, so I invested in my souvenir for the day, a Mickey American jacket. I heart it. 

I think the boys liked the Japan pavilion most of all, not only is it pretty (so detailed), but it has a really fun shopping center, Mitsukoshi. It has everything you could think of wanting to buy when you think of Japan. Lots of fun, kitschy, and weird oddities. Adam really enjoyed the video game merchandise (we obviously love the game Zelda, since we named our dog, Link, and they had Zelda merchandise). Jana and Austin both bought a ramune soda,which is a popular drink in Japan. It is a soda drink that has a marble inside. But our official treat of choice in Japan was a rainbow kakigori. A very refreshing snow cone that had all the flavors available in one. 

OK folks, I was going to wrap everything up in one last post, but being that I still have much to talk about, the next one will be the very last one! I will wrap up world showcase, and a few odds and ends we did before heading home (boo). These recaps have been exhausting but so satisfying!

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