Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Candy Anniversary

Some anniversaries are vacations to new cities, nights in fancy hotels, or weekends spent at the loveliest bed & breakfast. And sometimes you make plans to drive to Texas to visit the two best nieces that ever existed on the upcoming anniversary because how better to spend your anniversary than with much loved family in the city you got married? But then you get sick. The sickest you have been in forever. You miss two weeks of work, which is unheard of for you. And you have no choice but to cancel your trip because how can you justify taking any more time off.

You are understandably disappointed, but you are also relieved because you are so exhausted from antibiotics and illnesses, that just the idea of packing to go out of town is making you need a nap.

So you have a more low-key anniversary and that is just fine. Because when you have been married 6 years, together for 9, and known each other 14 years, all the bells and whistles are nice but unnecessary.

Saturday morning when we woke up, it was time for gift exchange. I kept it really simple for Adam. He had been requesting some mega man memorabilia for his desk, so I got him the little Mega Man stuffed animal. I also bought him Stephen King's Book On Writing. As he dabbles in writing from time to time and loves Stephen King. I thought it might be inspirational to him. The card has a line from one of his favorite movies, Indiana Jones. Inside the card, I wrote 6 of my favorite memories of our life together.

For my gift, Adam took me to a local jewelry store. Since about a month after weight loss surgery, I have been unable to wear my wedding ring, so now I have not worn it in over a year. So he surprised me by going to get it resized. I have lost 3 and a half ring sizes! I can't wait to go around town as a married woman again, I've missed wearing my ring.

We made reservations to eat at the new Italian place in Huntsville, Bravo! It was so, so good. Adam loves Italian, but is rather picky about how he likes his spaghetti and meatballs. But he loved it, he even ordered a second round to take home for later. I indulged in a white peach sangria and lobster ravioli in a vodka sauce. The little I ate was so good, one of those times I wish I had a whole stomach so I could devour it all. 

Since I'm still recovering, we went home after that, the little outing had exhausted me. We came home and played in the backyard with our puppy, one of our favorite activities lately. And retired to the living room to play many rounds of Mario Party.

For dessert, we had a few pieces of Laffy Taffy, it is the candy anniversary after all. 

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  1. You two are so cute :) I hope you are feeling better! Your puppy is so cute! :)

    <3 Ash


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