Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Disneyworld 2015 Recap Trip: Part 9

Jana and I got up extra early on our last day, and headed to Epcot because we had a Character Breakfast planned before the park even opened. It was really cool to be let into the park before the public. It was near empty! How often do you get to a picture of Spaceship Earth with absolutely no people in it?

The really cool thing about being in Disney the last week of February, is that it was a couple of days before the start of the Flower and Garden festival, so many of the sculptures were already completed. And they were gorgeous!

Our reservation was to dine with the Princesses' at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion. The inside was really gorgeous, definitely had a Royal feel. We met Belle at the door, and she was adorable. She told us the Beast wanted to run the half marathon,  but he couldn't find any running shoes that fit.

The three princesses we met were Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White. Aurora told us she was wearing her pink dress again because she didn't want to upstage Cinderella. Cinderella asked us if we ran the half marathon in glass slippers. And I think Snow White was pretty quiet overall. We had them sign our race bibs, which was super fun.

After breakfast, we were supposed to meet up with the boys, but being that the park was just opening, we decided to sneak off and get in line for Test Track. It felt kind of sneaky and fun to be hoping on a ride before the boys were even in the park. Test Track was a lot of fun, I did not expect it to shoot outside or be so fast. The guy next to Jana kept saying, "We're going to die, We're going to die!" Hilarious.

Our girl time in the park came to an end, and it was time to meet up with our knights in shining armor, and we headed over to our first ride together, Soarin, which is located in The Land. I loved Soarin so much. It simulates flying, and it really felt like we were flying. The best part is it had smell of vision, so as we flew over the pine trees, it actually smelt like pine! That was my favorite ride in all of Epcot.

Jana and I realized we had met a whole bunch of Princesses, but we hadn't formally met Mickey! We had to remedy this, how can you go to Disney and not meet Mickey? So we headed over to the Epcot Character Spot, and we got to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie. Mickey was great, he took the time to learn my name (by looking at the front of my autograph book) and dedicate his autograph to me. Goofy was certainly Goofy, and Minnie was so flirty. She asked the boys to kiss her! 

Of course, after our fabulous meet and greets, we hit up some rides. The first one was Mission Space. I had read Mission Space: Orange could be very vomit inducing. Which of course, made it more of a challenge for me. But I warned Adam, since some rides seem to really make him feel like crap. But since it was a space simulator, he wanted to try it. We were all given different roles. I'll be honest while the ride was fun, it did make me QUEASY. And it just about ruined Adam for the next 15 minutes. He has high blood pressure, so we think that might be why some rides don't work well for him. I don't think I would ride this one on orange again, maybe the nice & easy green version?

Next, we headed over to the The Seas with Nemo & Friends.I have ridden the submarine version of the ride in Disneyland. So I was looking forward to this. It really was a cute ride, you ride in clam shells through scenes of the movie. But I like Disneyland's version better,  if only because the sub adds something special.

The last ride we did in Epcot before spending the rest of the day exploring and eating around World Showcase was Spaceship Earth. We all talked about how ever since we were little kids we wondered what was in that giant "golf ball." So even if the line was too long, we were going to solve that mystery. It ended up being a ride about the history of Earth. I love history, and it was narrated by Judy Dench. So how could you go wrong with that? At the end, you get to answer questions about your "future." Then, they populate a video with your pictures, showing your future. Ours went wrong when it showed Adam eating a salad, Adam would never eat a salad, or any vegetable for that matter.

I only have 1 or 2 recap posts left, and two more scrapbook posts to share. Thanks for sticking with me on these recaps, it's so important to me that I get all these memories documented for the years to come!

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