Wednesday, August 6, 2014

10 Year High School Reunion

Last Saturday was my 10 year class reunion.  And boy was I nervous. Not because my high school experience was awful or all my classmates were terrible. I really had the opposite experience. I enjoyed my high school years. 

When I was growing up in St. Louis, I attended a very rough public school until 3rd grade. I was chubby, and I remember being picked on often. It was a rough time. My mom put me into a private school for a handful of years to stop the bullying, which helped some, and then we eventually ended up having to move to Alabama. I started in the same school district in 6th grade that I ended up graduating from, and I don't really recall being picked on at all, outside of an occasional rude comment that everyone deals with during the teenage years.

Actually, I was nervous because although most people don't realize this (I'm a good faker), I can be extremely shy. I was lucky enough to have Adam by my side, or I don't know if I could have forced myself to attend at all! 

The event was held at the Space and Rocket Center, which I think was an awesome choice of venue! The event space was decked out in our school colors, black and gold, along with our yearbooks from throughout the years (the horrors of middle school hair). And of course, we blasted all music from the early 2000's.

Although I felt shy throughout, I fell into the swing of things, and enjoyed hanging out with some of my best friends from those years, that I had lost touch with.  I mainly kept to my small group of friends, although I said hi to many people. Just catching a glance at some of my old classmates was enough for me.

I really was pleased to see everyone, it was such an awesome blast from the past. And everyone was so kind about my weight loss. I have to say, it was fun going to my reunion weighing less than what I did in High School!

Ten years really flew by in the blink of an eye, I hope the next ten years slows its roll down a bit! Regardless, I'm proud to be a graduate of Athens High School Class of 2004!

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  1. I totally missed the cake! :( But I LOVED seeing you!

  2. What an awesome venue for a reunion! I love that you guys had the music from your high school years. I wish we'd had that, though I loved our reunion so much (beach bonfire!). This post makes me miss it, and look forward to my 20th. It's really not all that far away now. Ack, I'm getting OLD!


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