Monday, August 18, 2014

Gulf Shoes Zoo & Lambert's Cafe

On our last day of vacation, we all decided to check out the little Gulf Shores Zoo.  It is a small zoo, but I was impressed with the amount of animals they had! Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh my! When I was looking up the information on the zoo the morning before we left, they said they had baby tigers that you could pay to play with! How cool is that? Who doesn't want to hold a baby tiger?

Alas, it was a 50 dollars to play with the tigers, and my husband did not want to approve this excursion (he acts like we just bought a house or something), so I didn't get to. But seeing them was at least second best.

One cool thing about our trip to the zoo is I actually got to hear a male lion roaring several times. He was pacing back and forth, obviously annoyed about something. His mate was just laying down in the shade ignoring all the racket he was making. It was almost as if she was saying, "There he goes again." Maybe they were in an argument?

After our morning at the zoo, we decided to grab lunch at the famous Lambert's Cafe (Home of the Throwed Rolls) in Foley, Alabama. I have been to Lambert's cafe a couple of times when I was a child living near the one in Missouri. But I didn't remember much about it, outside of the throwing of the rolls. 

I loved the decor at the restaurant, very down home and country.  The food was delicious, of course! You do order an entree, but they also bring around a plethora of pass around sides like mac n' cheese, friend okra, and squash. And of course, there was a constant stream of thrown rolls (which I caught like a boss, by the way).

The waiter was quite the jokester, which I think is Lambert's signature stick. I also seemed to be his joke target du jour. He said I was being pushy because I started ordering before the others (in a funny way not a mean way). He acted like he was about to spill a whole pitcher of coke on me (it was actually a pitcher of slow moving molasses). I didn't jump surprisingly, but I didn't exactly understand at first that he did it on purpose, which my family teased me about endlessly.

Overall, it was a lovely day and a lovely meal, and it was a nice, last day at the beach. 

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