Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Week That Was-#100 Happy Days

It has been one hectic weekend everyone, and I am exhausted. We have spent almost every waking moment moving stuff from the apartment to the new house. Although to be honest, it has mostly been Adam doing all the heavy lifting. I have been slowly unpacking boxes and making our wonderful new home, more us.  Of course, there has been some hiccups along the way. Our queen box spring wouldn't fit up our staircase, so we had to purchase a split queen box spring that won't be delivered until Thursday, so we have yet to be able to share a bed in our new home. It is kind of like we are camping. But we are so happy to be here that it just doesn't matter! 

There is so much stuff I want to blog about and I will soon, but right now all I have energy for is my weekly #100 Happy Days post! 

So here is the week that was August 3rd-August 9th, 2014:

Day 15-We arrived at the beach! Everyone wanted to go out to eat on our first night, and all I wanted to do was go to the beach! But alas we went out to eat, and it was dark when we got home, so I only had time to grab a picture of the beach access sign! I was just so happy to be on the gulf coast!

Day 16- I finally got my beach time. Is there anything better than sitting in the sand, watching the waves, and soaking up the sun. I think not. I love all things sunshine, salt water, and sunscreen. 

Day 17: We took the whole gang out to play putt putt! One of our favorite group activities. You can barely see my niece Cassie in this shot, but I wanted to capture the Volcano in the background. That thing kept erupting and scaring us all.

Day 18:  We had a quick and fun road trip back to Athens. We love the time we get to spend together on road trips.  I snapped this shot when we were only a mile from home.

Day 19: I had a really busy day back to work. But one of my favorite moments of most days is catching up with one of my best friends via text in the evenings!

Day 20: Friday was moving day! It was so exciting to drive to our new home instead of the apartment that evening. It felt oh so good! We also had Carlee for the evening, so it was fun to have a house guest on our first night. 

Day 21:  I was just barreling down the highway, when my tire blew! That totally could make a #100unhappydays list. But I have Triple AAA to rescue me when my husband has no transportation to save me. So triple AAA made my happy.  I love triple AAA, they have rescued me so many times!  So the bright side is I have a new tire I guess? To go with the two tires we had to buy last year when I blew them out?

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