Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Up, Up, & Away (And My 7 Month Surgiversary)

Number one agenda for our family vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama, was to go para-sailing. I had been planning that little adventure for the last few months, and I have been dreaming of actually doing it for years and years.

It all started back in middle school on one of the many church youth groups trips we took to the beach. Our youth pastor organized a trip to go para-sailing. As he was polling the group, seeing who wanted to go, he mentioned we would have to go in doubles, and that there was a combined weight limit. At my weight, I didn't believe I could find someone that I could ride with that wouldn't put us over the weight limit. Nor would I feel comfortable telling anyone my weight. So I just pretended I didn't want to go,  and I was secretly so disappointed & so mad at myself that I had gotten to that weight. Yet again, my weight had kept me from doing something I really wanted to do. I'm pretty sure I drowned my sorrows in candy bars that night.

That is just one of the moments in my long battle with weight that has always really stood out in my memory. So now that I'm 7 months out from surgery, and 150 pounds down, I felt it was time to make this dream happen!

On the morning we were supposed to go para-sailing, I was not nervous at all, I was excited! It is always funny to me that more daring things do not make me nervous, but I have such unnecessary levels of anxiety about everyday events. I'm like Para-sailing? No problem! Yet talking to a waitress at a restaurant can terrify me!

The only time I felt any nerves at all was when we were strapped in on the boat and the motor started running. Then I thought, "Am I sure I want to do this?" But it was too late to change my mind because we had lifted off a nano second later! Before I knew it, we were 800 feet in the air.

It was so quiet up there and surprisingly peaceful. I could have stayed up there for hours!

Before we lifted off, the boat driver asked us how wet we wanted to get, and I told him we were down for anything. So he really splashed us down in the water hard at the end of the ride (Everyone else just got their feet wet). That was one of the best parts.

It was such a wonderful experience and a wonderful day. I think that is the best part of this weight loss journey, it is allowing me to have adventures!

Below is my seven month surgiversary picture. Yes, I accidentally put Day 7, so just ignore that. But I felt really good about myself that day. Heck, I feel pretty good about myself most days lately.


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  1. You're so brave!! I would have been terrified to go that high up in the air. I LOVE the pictures of you two! What an awesome way to celebrate this huge milestone! Woohoo!


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