Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Favorite Things: Project Life

I have always been really into documenting my life. That is probably why  I've been a blogger on various platforms since I was 13 or 14 years old. I can honestly say I was blogging before blogging was even close to being popular. I have to say I am kind of proud of that. 

I have also done some scrap-booking over the years. I fell out of the habit mostly due to apartment living and just not having the space to spread out all my supplies. I didn't even have a table, so I would have to sit on the floor and use our coffee table, where my limbs were constantly taking turns falling sleep. Plus, I'm lazy at heart, so I hated always having to clean up after myself when I was done.

I love, love, love my blog. I love telling the stories of our life, and then looking back months and years later. I usually have a small story in my posts that I will forget about it until I read the post all over. It is so great for memory keeping. My goal is to have this blog to share with my children someday, so they know what our lives were like even before they were born! But there is something about having actual pictures and an album to flip through that cannot be replaced by blogging.

Now that we own a home, and I have my very own hobby room where I can work and organize my supplies as I want, it is time to start again. I can even leave out all my supplies I am working on, and I can just shut the door on my mess if I so chose. 

I read about Project Life a year ago, and it really peaked my interest! It seemed to be so simple! All you have to do is slide in photos, cards, or journaling prompts in any way you choose, and  then you get a beautiful album that takes no time at all (I did all of my 5 pages in about 30 minutes).

I love how these turned out. I've been googling other project lifers, and they do such great things with their pages that I am excited to try, so I can spice things up, as I just did the basics here. But I did come up with the idea of writing on the photos in photoshop before printing them all on my own! I also liked the idea I had to screenshot my mile split times from the race from my app to add onto my race spread.

I can't decide whether I want to do traditional scrapbooking to get me caught up on the events I didn't get scrapbooked in the last two years, do project life, or maybe just turn the blog into a book! We will see.

But I think scrapbooking is going to be super simple from here on out!

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  1. I'm going to have to check project life out! I've been on a "documenting life" kick myself lately but it's so overwhelming to have years and years of CFL of pictures and hard drives to sort through! I think you should get your blog printed into a book every year, like a yearbook!

  2. Ooh the pages are so cute! I have never heard of project life before. I'm obsessed with documenting our lives. I grew up with parents who never took photos, so I vowed to always be the memory keeper of the family. I do mixbooks every year-the digital scrapbooks that you can then print as a hardcover book. I love them! I love the idea of getting your blog printed too. I'd love to do something like that for Match for a wedding anniversary, with posts from when we met to our wedding.


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