Saturday, December 6, 2014

Packers/Patriots Game

On our very last day in Wisconsin, we went to the Green Bay Packers/New England Patriots Game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. If you have read this blog over any length of time, you know what big Packers Fans (a.k.a Cheeseheads) we are. Last Christmas, we went to our first Packer's game, and we got defeated by the Steelers, so we were hoping the Packers would pull out a win this time.

When we bought the tickets a few months back, we had no clue what a pivotal match-up this would be. We simply chose this game because we would already be in town! But by the time of game, both the Patriots and Packers were having a good season. Both teams had gone several games without a loss, so we knew the game would not be a walk in the park.

I was also excited that we were playing the Patriots because it was cool to see such a veteran quarter back (Tom Brady) in action.

On Sunday morning, we woke up, packed up our suitcases, and donned our winter  clothing to prepare for the cold game ahead of us. What I've learned the last few years of going to Wisconsin is there is just about nothing you can do to prepare yourself for that kind of bitter cold. I was espeically worried because I've lost so much weight, and I tend to be colder now. I ended up wearing two pairs of leggings, one thin pair of work out pants, and jeans. I also wore one t-shirt, one long sleeve work-out top, 2 sweatshirts, my winter coat, and Packer's jersey. Plus a hat, scarf, two pair of gloves, double socks, and snowboots. I was taking no chances. I remember what last year felt like!

Luckily, it was only 21 degrees, but the wind chill made the feel like temperature 9 degrees, so there is that.  I felt pretty good the first quarter, but by the second quater my hands started to freeze, but I popped in some hot hands, and the situation was improved. By half time, I was losing feeling in my toes, and I had to keep flexing them to make sure they didn't fall off (I still have them all, I counted). But I toughed out the whole game and did not go inside once to get warm. I felt like a super star. 

We were seated by some awesome people, which loved Adam's corniness and the things he was yelling at the field. He is always saying stuff like, "I'm sure you are a good person and come from a good family, but today we just don't like you." (when talking about Patriots' players). Everyone loved him, and that always reminds me of why I love him so much.

The game was close as predicted, and there was so much back and forth. The Packers did not wrap up the game till the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. I kind of loved that it wasn't a shoot out, it kept us on edge the whole time.

I love watching football at home, but there is just nothing like being at the game with he infectiousness of the crowd. The celebration of first downs, the yelling as loud as you can to throw off the visiting team's offense, and the high fiving & hugging of strangers around you when there is a good play. I wish we were rich, and we could go every week.

After the game, we took the long walk back to the car, and it was time to say goodbye to Adam's family. We got on the road about 8:00 p.m to drive to our hotel in Lafayette, Indiana. We didn't anticipate all the traffic getting out of Green Bay, so we didn't end up getting to our hotel till 3:30 a.m! Talk about being exhausted. Of course, once we got to the hotel the NFL game day highlights were on, and that perked us up, so we stayed up watching the highlights of the game we just attended all over again!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving break, and the game was just the cherry on top. Now we are gearing up for Christmas, and I just can't wait! I love the holidays.

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  1. Looks like SOOOOOooooo much fun although you couldn't feel your toes by the end of the game. LOL. Oh winter; how I don't like you. Ha. You guys are so much fun! "Of course, once we got to the hotel the NFL game day highlights were on, and that perked us up, so we stayed up watching the highlights of the game we just attended all over again!" LOL. You make me laugh.

    <3 Ash


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