Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What I'll Remember about Family Christmas 2014

This weekend our nieces, Kayla's fiance, Andy, and Cassie's best friend, Meg joined us for an early Christmas celebration. This was so special for so many reasons. Our family has been through some terrible hardships in the last 5 years, that I won't document here, but it has meant that we have not been together for Christmas in that much time. That is heartbreakingly hard to believe. But now that Adam and I have our own home, it was time to remedy this situation. They couldn't be here for the real Christmas holidays, so we just bumped it up a few weeks, and we decided to start our own new traditions.

Christmas Eve I'll remember:

Getting hilarious texts from the girls all day about the progress they were making on their road trip (we took a wrong turn and just passed a sign that reads now entering Colorado). Anxiously watching the clock at work, just wanting the day to end so I could see everyone. Non-stop panicky calls from Adam when he couldn't locate food items in the kitchen (is it OK to make rotel dip in the slow cooker?). Driving too fast on my commute home from work due to the anticipation of it all. Seeing the family for the first time in months and getting to cuddle with Cassie's dog, Mickey, who I haven't seen in years. Delicious meal consisting of Marten Family BBQ (sloppy joes), shells & cheese, broccoli and cheese casserole, peanut butter cake, and homemade cheesecake. Yummo. Playing smash brothers, Mario party, and a million rounds of Lego rockband (everyone was graced with my lovely vocals). All the girls opening just one gift on Christmas eve, footie pajamas! Becoming the Footie Pajama Family Brigade. Knowing that the family that onesies together, stays together. Having a full house filled with laughter, like one giant childhood sleepover.

Christmas Morning I'll Remember:

Waking up before everyone and walking around the house turning on all the Christmas lights. Watching the kids open their gifts. Making homemade waffles for everyone for breakfast. Heading to Bestbuy with Kayla and Andy, and then having them surprise us with a movie and a video game they overheard us talking about wanting (so sweet). Lunch at Steak n' Shake. Seeing a movie at the drive-in (where our car battery died because we left it on the wrong setting).  Watching Cinderella with Kayla.  

The Day after Christmas I'll Remember:

Going with my family to take Kayla wedding dress shopping. Being surprised by the dress she picked out. She is gorgeous (I always knew she would be). The emotion of saying "Yes" to the dress and the bell ringing ceremony. Love, Happiness, and Celebration all around. 

Coming home and buying pizza for everyone. Teasing Cassie for eating honey on her pizza (like what). Playing 3 cutthroat rounds of Clue (I lost every single one of them, plus the round of 13 dead end drive we played later). Running down the street for some frozen yogurt for dessert. Shooting hoops and playing fetch with the dog in the drive-way.  Multiple rounds of Mario Kart. One round of watching Meg shoot zombies in the pentagon as JFK (some random video game). 

It was so sad to say goodbye Sunday morning. It was simply the most perfect weekend. Everyone talked about what an amazing time they had.  My heart is so full of love for my family right now. There is a line from the movie Lilo and Stitch that I love. "This is my family, I found it all on my own, it's little and it's broken. But still good, yeah still good."

That is exactly how I feel. We are putting the heartbreak of the last few years behind us and moving forward.  I will never forget Family Christmas 2014.

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